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Author Topic: Kiingerim  (Read 1005 times)
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« on: 01 March 2004, 14:56:00 »

Just some work in progress.

Kiingerim - The High Dwarves


The High Dwarves were once the one of the great powers of Nybelmar, but due to the War of The Chosen the mountain empire of the Kiingerim were destroyed and they can only be found in the city of Tyr Faerath. These are true survivors and are very proud of their history.
They are more competitive than other dwarven tribes and the goal of their life is simple. To have as much money and wealth as you can.
The Kiingerim have taken, with help from their cousins the Plain Dwarves, more and more control over the trade routes of Nybelmar. At land they are the undisputed rulers of trade, much thanks to the location of the city.


Slightly taller and sturdier than their cousins of the plains, the High Dwarves also have darker colours. Most High Dwarves are also taller than one ped. This is explained by the fact that the food supply in the mountains always has been better than that in the desert.
Their colours range form black to grey, with a few white exceptions. Having white beard and hair is usually taken as a sign of knowledge. The white beard generally comes when the dwarf passes 200 years.
Like most dwarves their bones are as hard as their will. Unlike other dwarves they tend to walk with straight legs and back, much like the humans or elves. The way they walk looks like they are proud and that is not far from the truth. One can see it in their eyes and the way they move that they are proud of being a Kiingerim.
Their faces are more open and their eyes not as deep-set as the Plain Dwarves’. A person who meets them tends to think they are more honest than most dwarves.
Their eyes are always dark, almost black. The dwarves say that it’s from looking and their black city for so long.

Coat of Arms

Unlike their cousins on Sarvonia the High Dwarves possess a coat of arms. The Coat of Arms of Tyr Faerath is something that has been changed over the years. At first it consisted of two mining-picks on a black background. That represented the mining business the city first was founded upon. When the mining ended and the city took more and more control over the trading routes, the symbol changed several times. The last change was made 752 a.S. by the Trade Council. It is now a simple black background with two thin red crossed lines going from corner to corner.
The black stands for the colour of the city and the red lines for the trade routes it controls.

When printed simply on a bag or a chest to say where it’s from, the sign of Tyr Faerath is usually simply a square with a cross in it.


The only place in the world where you can find the Kiingerim is in their last city, Tyr Faerath. The city is located on the southern tip of the Zharkanions. Right next to the mountainside the city lies.
The stone of the mountain is black and so is the city as the houses are most often cut directly from the mountain.
Since the last family got into the council in 1456 b.S. there has been talk of colonisation to the north. Some dwarves who have read the history still dreams of a High Dwarven empire all over the Zharkanions.



A typically Kiingerim family lives in a small cubic house most often cut directly from the rock. A normal home to a Kiingerim is about 6x10 peds and two stories high. Only in the poorest area more than one family lives under one roof.
The roofs always appear flat but they are designed to lean in the smallest angle possible. That way the water that falls onto the roof is gathered on one side of the house and can be used as cleaning water. The drinking water is led down from the mountains.

The houses normally have two or three windows to the street. The windows are small, not more than holes and only on the most expensive houses they have glass windows.

Inside the furniture are loose. Unlike their cave-cousins on Sarvonia the Kiingerim don’t like to cut furniture directly from the rock. They like to be flexible and as there is a lot off moving around in the city they like too take their furniture with them. They are still made of stone of course.



Weapon and Army

The army of Tyr Faerath uses axes. Most of them have two or more axes when on duty.
Some of the soldiers have shields but that is something they have to buy for them self.
The axes size and form varies from small, just a ½ ped for throwing to 2 peds long monsters for crushing the shields of their enemies.

By looking at the size of the soldiers axe you can see what kind of soldier he is. If the axe is big and he only caries one or two he is a “breaker” and if his belt is filled with small throwing-axes he is a “feller”. There are four kinds of soldiers.

Fellers (Waafim) are the archers of the tribe. The never leaves the great wall and are the first blow against the enemy. With small, ½ ped large axes that they can throw for more than 80 peds with accuracy they are used to make the lines of the enemy a little thinner.

Breakers (Krosfim) are large powerful warriors that have enormous axes. They are the ones who first face the enemy on the battlefield. With their large axes they crush the shields and the morale of the enemy. A good breaker can occupy five-six enemies at the time.

Soldiers (Shofim) are the general soldiers of the tribe. They come out just after the breakers and engage the enemy one on one. The use the holes the breakers have made to come behind the enemy lines. Their axes are normal in size, 1 to 1 and a ½ ped.

Raiders (Vottenfim) are fast, light-equipped warriors that use secret exits from the mountainsides to come behind the enemy. They are the last weapons the tribe has. When engaging the enemy they run past them striking and making a circle and attacking some other enemy soldier. This way the enemy soldiers don’t now from where the next blow will come.

Chief over the army is the Military Chief, usually a member of the Marilin family. He is given the command for a period of ten years. And is usually an old Captain or a Commander who has shown great knowledge and courage or just someone who is a friend of the sitting council presidents. The last hundred years the size of the army has been fairly stable at about 1700 fighters.

The army is then divided into four divisions for each kind of soldiers with two Captains in charge of the Breakers and the Soldiers and two Commanders in charge of the Raiders and the Fellers. The Captains are usually old warriors that have become veterans and gained the trust of the soldiers while the Commanders are new officers from council-families. These know more of tactics than the Captains but less about real combat. There are now 200 Breakers, 260 Raiders, 270 Fellers and 1000 Soldiers.

The divisions are then divided into four companies. In command of a company is a lieutenant. He is a soldier or a chief who like to move on in the chain of command.
A Breaker-company has 12 warriors, a Soldier-company has 15 and both Raider- and Feller-companies has 20.

Each division are then divided into four groups with a chief as the boss. The group eat, sleep and fight together and becomes friends for life.




Natural Resources

Holidays, Festivals and Observances

Important Achievements


Unpatient? Me? Who said that? Come on, tell me! We haven't got all day!

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