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Author Topic: Tiraelhon Updated  (Read 1184 times)
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« on: 31 July 2004, 03:10:00 »

These are the sections, which I've updated. I hope this fits with what Talia and Artemis had in mind for changing the location of the Tiraelhon. I'm not sure if I did this right, but here goes. The Earth Eater is the only animal that I made a change to, since I decided to go from Giant Clam to Behemoth Worm.

Overview The Tiraelhon, (humans call them "Sand Elves") is a tribe of elves that reside in the deep south of Aeruillin. Their founding city, the most important town Nousais, with the holy sand temple is located in the Sands of  Maechalan. But being a somewhat nomadic tribe, they've managed to wander from their to the savannahs between the Sea of Tardulan to the West and the Theranian Sea to the North. They seem very savage compared to most elves, and they have completely forgotten the High Goddess Avá and worship their own set of gods. The reason for this is that they felt forsaken by Avá when she let them wander about in the wilderness. The gods that they worship are called the Dietrae and the Airae, and they are the forces of nature and aspects of the mind that affect the Tiraelhon's daily life. Although they seem mysterious their culture is very rich and well developed. The Tiraelhon are also well known for their sour terirais, a lemon-type fruit, which grow best near the Sea of Tardulan.

Territory The Tiraelhon's largest city, Nousia is found in the Sands of Maechalan. This area was named after the goddess Maecha, who is the keeper of the sands and the giver of memories and destiny. They never make any permanent living areas out of the sparse land's boundaries, although they tend to wander through southern Aeruillin for several months. And although resources do not overwhelm them, they get what they need whether it be by trading or hunting. The name Sands can be very deceiving and they often make travelers believe that it is just a huge desert but it is not. The Tiraelhon have two major water sources, the Sea of Tardulan to the West and the Theranian Sea to the North. The Sea of Tardulan is often used for irrigation purposes, and the Theranian Sea is best used to gather salt, for fishing, or as transportation to many of the port cities in Southeastern Aeruillin. The savannah between the two seas have a wide variety of animals that have been adapted to suit their environment, for example the earth eater, the largest known species of clam has been seen all over Aeruillin, although it originated within the Sands. There is a steady supply of flora as well, the land being a natural savannah provides the Tiraelhon with native plants with resemblances to corn, rice, wheat and berries.

They have seven major settlements. Their settlements are not very important to other races, but they are to the Tiraelhon.  About one hundred-fifty Tiraelhon reside in the less prominent cities, and four hundred residing in Nousais. The most important being Nousais, which lies in the heart of the Sands of Maechalan. It is a very difficult place to get to, and even when the majority of the tribe is traveling to a new home, at least two hundred-fifty Tiraelhon remain in Nousais. It is the home to the Temple of Sands, the only temple in the area that shows a painting of Nous standing back to back with the High Goddess Avá.  The second largest city is Shylom' an. It is the major cultivation and domestication city for the Tiraelhon, and it is also the only city that allows people of other races to pass through the city without leaving their weapons at a designated area.

Next is Icropan, it is most notable for the highest population of earth eaters. Therefore, many are fearful when they reach the settlement’s edge and they often sprint across the dry grass. Icropan holds the Tent of Tears, which the Tiraelhon call "Malnaec Tiravá". It is the place where the scholar Mirae supposedly saw Icropio and Shyloma holding each other and crying after the Dietrae became savage killers during the Dark Days.

All of these cities, save for Nousia, are located between and near the Sea of Tardulan and the Theranian Sea.

Housing These elves that have chosen the Sands of Maechalan and the Savannah, live in extended family tents in a settlement, with guarded walls of stone and clay. These tents are made from the hides of the Hirafan, a sluggish plated beast that eats the shrubs of the desert. The tents are often very large and can hold up to thirty Tiraelhon at one time. Since the Tiraelhon only stay in one place for one hundred-fifty years, everything they own is movable. The Tiraelhon have a tradition that they will never stay in one place for longer than the amount of years stated above. This is because Terira, the Goddess of Nature and Curiosity, promised to provide resources for the Tiraelhon as long as they reside in the Sands of Maechalan. They want to prove to everyone who doubts their Airae and Dietrae that no matter where they travel to in their territory they will always be cared for. They travel between the same seven settlements, and not all of the Tiraelhon take part in this travel. Some remain at the cities to protect it from bandits, or other things.

The tents are not all the same size; it depends upon the rank of the Tiraelhon. If the Tiraelhon is an Prán then their home can hold about thirty-forty, and if they are a simple gatherer their tents will hold a bit less than eight. The tents are covered by a thin blanket woven from strips of grass, painted with the dye from the Terirais berry.

They do however, have settlements. They have seven of them, and the settlements are each surrounded by tall walls, made of stone, and clay. The inside of the settlement is mostly movable, save for the small temples, storage buildings, and other small buildings, like watchtowers at every corner of the settlement.

Food The Tiraelhon find a variety of foods in the Sands of Maechalan. Almost everything they kill will be edible, thanks to their metabolism and their resistance to illnesses. The Tiraelhon eat the following plants:

-Maelon- The Maelon is the Aeruillin version of corn. It grows slowly in the harsh climate but when it does finally grow it is a beautiful sight, as the maelon covers the irrigation ditches near the Tiraelhon camps. This corn has very little juice and it has a very thick outer layer of skin.

-Terirais- It is believed that when the first group of unhappy Aeolrhans left Shan' Furionnis that Terira, the Goddess of Curiosity blessed the elves with their first important fruit. It was named the Terirais, and it is a shrub that produces berries that gives spice to many foods. Its leaves can be used to wrap foods and provide flavor while they are boiling and the berries can be used for both food, dye, and flavoring.

-Poprais- the poprais is very much like the wheat grown in Southern Sarvonia and Nyblemar.  It can be used to make any number of food items, including breads, biscuits, and cakes. It can only be grown on the fertile shores of the Sea of Tardulan, which is why the Tiraelhon have various campsites along the southeastern coast of the sea.

-Prickling Pango Cactus- a green cactus with red fruit. These delicious red fruits are completely edible in all parts, both leaves and actual fruit. It has very few visible needles, but some smaller ones that can make the hands itch and are very hard to remove.

Here are the animals that the Tiraelhon can eat and hunt, to use for shelters, weapons, clothing, and other byproducts:

-Earth Eater- this is a large worm-like creature is the behemoth of the desert. It has a huge gaping mouth and sharp teeth that can be used to make sharp daggers. It is large enough to swallow two Tiraelhon whole. The Earth Eater has heavy, durable skin that is difficult to penetrate. It pushes itself out of the dirt by using a powerful tail and opens its mouth allowing the earth to pour in.

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