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Author Topic: The Critailene  (Read 1329 times)
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« on: 07 February 2005, 02:34:00 »

Overview: The Critailene are proud and cautious inhabitants of the south eastern corner of Shardon forest underground ruins. They live in the ruins of what is believed to be a city lost in the war of chosen. These elves embrace the element of fire. Through their isolation, constant travel, and illusionary skills this tribe of elves has managed to remain unknown to the world, and this was to their benefit allowing them to remain pure of blood.

Appearances:  The Critailene elves are most noted for their rounded features, exquisite beauty, and pale off white skin. Through selective breeding the tribe has managed to rid themselves of defects. They only allow the strong, agile, and magically strong to mate. Critailene usually have bright white or silver hair, with either white or silver eyes. Variations are never seen among the tribe. Critailene are tall elves at two and half peds tall. The tribe has no angular features on their bodies. They are all curved and muscularly toned.

Coat of Arms/ Seals: The Critailene has no formal coat of arms. The closets  thing to this that they have is a seal tattoo which is placed on their navel which takes the shape of half a sphere covering the left side of a sphere that’s 90% complete, with a inward angled triangle cut out from that missing 90%. This seal was said to be placed on them by their forgotten creator.

Territory: The Critailene live under the south eastern corner of the Sharon forest right off the coast of the Adanian Sea. The roots of the Sharon forest pierce the roof of the carven which house their sunken city of Bharani. The Critailene hope to someday find a way to bring Bharani to the surface. Visitors to Bharani are few if any; only captured enemies could really be considered visitors, even though they will never leave. The closes anyone has ever came to Bharani was the entrance which is covered by dense redwood roots, and a powerful illusionary spell cast thousands upon thousands of years ago by a forgotten mage during the war of the chosen.

People: The Critailene very well maybe the most secretive, and untrusting race of elves known. But this is only to protect themselves from hostile forces and strangers in general. To anger a Critailene is to sign ones death wish, because this tribe totally serious and deep in their thinking and actions, and disturbing this is a crime. The tribe has adapted to their life underground, by harnessing their natural ability to create smokeless magical fire for lighting, cooking and even warmth.

Housing: the Critailene live in what was once a great city that existed before the War of the chosen. Fifty percent of ancient city was destroyed when it sunk beneath the earth, but the other fifty percent was almost perfectly preserved in the cavern that houses it. When the minor   adjustments to this beautiful ancient city were made it become home to the Critailene. These adjustments were making the square houses, towers, and even castle more spherical and rounded in style.  In order to make their city flourish the Critailene reopened the water veins that ran through the city, allowing the city to truly bloom.

Clothing: The tribe prefers blunt, simple colorless clothes. They wear different clothes based on which type of Critailene proficiency they have, an example of this would be the physically stronger fighter type wears almost skin tight clothing. Were as the magically proficient kind wear loose baggy clothes. They prefer a chromatic color palette in they’re clothes, but the younger generations are starting to incorporate pale colors into they’re dull clothes.

Diet: The Critailene enjoy fruits, vegetables, roots, and meats. They’re favorite meat comes from the common deer and as a specialty they consume rare birds.

Weapons: The Critailene tribes are fierce warriors and their preferred weapon is a glaive of which they’re skill is unequaled throughout all of Santharia. They are amazing with any long handled weapon ranging from spears to staffs, and even scythes. Although scythes are only used by higher ranking warriors and mages.

Occupations: All of the Critailene are craftsman and Artisans. They have a love for art, and finely crafted weapons, armor, and even everyday utensils. Entering they’re  city of Bharani is like entering a sculptors studio, with beautiful statues of they’re great heroes, legends, and the beautifully  carved  relief’s around the entrances to their homes. While some of the Critailene also do take the duties of cultivators and hunters to feed they’re people.

Government: the Critailene tribe is ruled by an Azunar, who leads them in both political and religious matters. His or Her rule is absolute, but in order to gain this position the Azunar must pass many trials and tests to show their wisdom, strength, and piety.

Production: The Critailene finely tuned craftsmanship makes them great craftsman of weapons, and armor, but since this tribe has no contact with the outside world they don’t trade.

Natural resources: the Cavern that houses Bharani has abundances of crystals, and fine ores. As for plant life the carven grows strange vegetables, and mushrooms. Animal life is next to nothing.

Holidays, Festivals and Observances: There is only one major festival that the Critailene celebrate, and four minor holidays.

◦ MaiKnoia
  The festival which celebrates the passing of the year and honoring of their dead from that year.

◦ Salistis
  Salistis is a holiday now, but once was a major festival when the tribe was nomads. But now that they have settled the changing of seasons is a day of relaxation for them.

History: The history of the Critailene is mostly unknown, other then the legend that speaks of their distant homeland which was destroyed by vengeful gods, forcing them to set sail for the mainland Santharia. When they arrived they began wandering and have been ever since until they discovered the forgotten city.

Copywrite 2/5/05 ^_^ Poor mans verison that is

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