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Author Topic: Chadderelomach Temple  (Read 958 times)
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« on: 19 March 2005, 17:47:00 »

Been too long. Have to have my memory refreshed on some of the places and whatnot, but I've started now.

This is the right place to put it, yes?

Since you are reading this, I must assume that you have arrived at our designated place of meeting. As I will not return for some time, I leave the following documents for your entertainment.

Recently, a contact of mine uncovered a room buried in sand somewhere far south of here. By all appearances, this room was a tiny piece of a much larger structure, built into a mountain side. The knowledge of the cult of Chadderelomach came partly from writings taken from this room. Since then, my contact has written to me again, and has sent to me this codec, which I leave for your perusal. It appears to be a journal written by someone of his own hire.

First, let me introduce you to the people mentioned in this codec, as they have not spent much time making it clear. The author was an adventurous man, and although advancing in years, he was good with both pen and blade. I will leave the names for you to discover in his journal.

The second was a dwarf, although not highly adventurous, he had an extensive interest in the structure itself, particularly stemming from the statements that it was made with magic. His profession was, of course, structures.

The third I can only assume from the Styrash he is often quoted as speaking, as well as his displays of agility, was an elf. However, I will spoil the story no further, and allow you the pleasure of reading it until I return.

(The following are excerpts from the journal mentioned above)

*    *    *    *
As the rumors stated, the temple was as good as invisible. The room that had been uncovered was, by the time we reached it, fairly well covered again. Kurf discovered its entrance somewhere on the mountainside, and together we moved away a considerable amount of sand until a window was visible. Kurf entered first, and Jetou'e second, myself taking up the rear. The room was fairly empty, and quite disheveled. In one side was a number of trunks, each of them containing scrolls in some fairly well illegible hand. How the information had been deciphered from it is beyond me or even Jetou'e, the linguist among us, to comprehend. Kurf checked the walls for any hidden doors. On being disappointed there, he spent some time listening to the floor, knocking on the walls, and other strange antics.
*     *     *     *

-Last night was hot and dry. Jetou'e took the first watch, and didn't get any sleep at all. Kurf took the second. Today we found the main entrance, or at least, Kurf says we found the main entrance. We have been digging at it all day.

-We have uncovered much of what appears to be a portal. There is a big triangle design on the front, but Jetou'e insists that it will be a diamond shape when the door is completely uncovered. Kurf broke out a piece of the door where there was a thin spot and looked inside. He would say nothing of what he saw, but I think we will find out soon.

-Hot and dry. I am starting to think Jetou'e was right about the symbol on the door. It's starting to come back in on the Kurf's side.

-Hot and dry. Jetou'e climbed back up to the hole Kurf made to peer in. When he got down, he told me it was "íl" and "aváth". Would say no more.

-We are almost to where Kurf thinks we could start opening the door. The digging went amazingly fast today, although I nearly fainted from lack of water and Kurf was complaining about being the "pack baneg." The diamond shape is quite a ways up the door, the bottom now above my head. I can barely see where Kurf hammered a hole in it.

In this part you describe the place itself. What’s in it, who lives there, what the functions of the town, kingdom etc. are. Try at least to mention the following things:
- landscape
- general purpose
- description of houses, natural surroundings
Other items you could discuss (depends of course on what you describe):
- religions of relevance at this location
Anything can be in here if it relates to the place specifically.

Purpose of this section is to describe the exact location of the place, including kingdom and continent, with adjacent places like towns and forests and possibly kingdom borders or tribes or special landscape objects. Included could be a map cut from the main map showing the place and it’s surrounding area, but this is Artimidor's work:)  

What kind of people/tribes inhabit the region? And approximately how many? In which part of the region do they settle and why?

Coat of Arms
When the place is a city or tower or a place similar to that, you should as well describe a coat of arms for it. The symbols and drawings on it should somehow describe the place or its attitude. If the description is done well, one of our artists may draw it for real to accompagny your entry in the compendium. So make sure that this description is as detailed as possible.

It's always good to know how the weather conditions are in the region you describe (you don't have to describe the climate for buildings of course *hehe*): When does it rain in this region? And how often? Is there snow in winter? Is it stormy all day long? Are there good conditions for crops to grow? And so on. You get the idea, right?

Often places have legends telling how the place was created or founded. To be original is sometimes difficult here, but a legend of a city can range from a city built on the fundaments of an ancient wizard’s tower, the battle that was won at that spot, two heroes who met there etc.

Plants, herbs, trees - put in details here!

Animals, beasts, monsters - put in details here!

Describe natural resources and geological conditions here: Can there be found minerals in this region? Or do the inhabitants depend on fish they catch? etc.

If you can think of a story or two about this place/region you describe or about sayings, proverbs associated with it, here you go!

From the day the place was created to the day it was destroyed or to the present, a general outline of all events happening in between should be given here. It’s recommended to make some sort of table for the history and you should follow this scheme:
Date (e.g. 10.000 b.S.), Caption (e.g. Battle at XYZ), Description (What exactly happened in this bat

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