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Author Topic: Osthemangar, Castle of Darkness, the Witchkingdom  (Read 859 times)
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« on: 17 February 2003, 19:27:00 »

Notes in bold italics cause I might have some questions. Input/help appreciated, I guess this place will be rather important!

Thinking about the place I stumbled over the important question wether even most dark elves think about Cor more in a philosophical way rather than a real force of Sorren because as about the most evil place of Sorren, Osthemangar would be the home to followers even more corrupted than this elven kind.

Osthemangar is known to the Santharian kingdom only as place of dark nightmares, black magic and evil myths. Only few trustworthy reports have reached the kingdom from the far north about this place that oversees the barren plain of Ehelvin. For philosophs, historians and wise men this place is seen as the central place of Cor's cult and not in vain was given the surname "Witchkingdom", "Demonrealm" or the "Dark Fortress".
From here the evil hordes of Cor spread over Sarvonia like locusts supported by undivine creatures not seen since the War of the Chosen.

Is it possible that the place was created or worshipped by one dark Chosen, maybe the first incarnation of Cor himself? If yes, how many dark Chosen have been on Sorren? Twelve to counterbalance the twelve gods picking up the idea of twelve evil Demongods? 'Cause eventually Nybelmar and one or the other continent does need its own evil chosen itsself...

Osthemangar is for all its power merely a huge rock overseeing a barren desert of stone and ash, the plain of Ehelwin. Located at its western edge the dark fortress resides on a rocky plateau of black stone, mostly granite and cinder. The plateau forms a shattered halfmoon facing north  encirceling a approximately 5 miles wide, plain, dusty valley.
Opposing to it another smaller plateau encases the valley. It is said that here stands the oldest monument of evil on Sorren: The infamous Deep Winds Portal. Said to be the direct link to the Netherworlds and its unnatural inhabitants it is the true source of power for Osthemangar in an otherwise barren countryside.
Osthemangar itsself is build ontop and into the sharp and hard stone of the southern plateau, its cliffs forming a natural barrier to the outside with only one gap facing northward to the deep winds portal. The southern cliffs are an average of 20 peds high but top at up to 60 peds in the center and both ends. This makes the whole city nearly impenetrable. The plateau is crowned by a vast array of buildings, walls and towers like obsidian. Three towers filled with evil powers and dark magic raise over all others into the often stormclouded sky forming a triangle around the only passable entrance to the plateau, a 300 ped wide gap in the north. This only weakness in the natural defense of the place is heavily fortified by multiple walls, many watchtowers and one iron gate, the main entrance to Osthemangar.
It is said from the three towers and the many watchtowers on all corners of the plateau evil eyes spy over the whole area and even far beyond the horizon.
Opposed to this place of stone and steel the Deeps Wind Portal looks completely deserted. But that should not calm the wary traveller - though it is highly questionable who might get to this place by accident? It is said evil spirit is defending this ancient place.

The magus Kalir Schengenwood, a scholar from the Kanapan peninsula once travelled the far north and coming from Remusiat visited this place at a time it was an abandoned ruin and brought the most detailed description about Osthemangar by 2431 b.S., now nearly 4000 years ago. He meant to find and destroy an ancient artifact here that was said to have cursed the Kanapans but found nothing and though accompanied by an array of finest warriors and noble knights finally had to withdraw without ever getting any closer than bowrange to the place.

"We crossed the plain of Eheviln not seeing any animal or creature for about two weeks. The place looks dead, not just abandoned by any life but completely cleansed from anything that might even bring a glimpse of hope to this desperate place....
Osthemangar, once said to be the seat of a mighty Chosen now lies abandoned in the ashes of Eheviln, however it doesn't seem to be deserted by evil spirits. Some of my compainions outright denied to get into its vicinity fearing the evil eyes, maybe demons, maybe ghosts that still watch this place...
We marched around the fortress to see if something evil might still lurk there but saw nothing, the only way in seems to be the main gate...
I tried to get near the Deep Winds Portal, the origin of all what we call demonic but as I neared through the dusty rocks always feeling some invisible eyes watching any of my steps I felt some terrible presence having its origin in this unholy portal. It drained my powersm, my will and nearly broke my mind. I have never felt anything like it. This place is filled with evil, its in the soil, the rocks, even the dust. Now I'm sure, none beside those worshipping this force might enter unopposed. The powers of the Portal will break anyone but those of true heart, mine and those of my companions all loyal friends have been weighed too light. Maybe a true hero might succeed but I hope for none -even a hero- to ever have to come here. This place is filled with all vile feelings of the world and rests only in the peace of death...
-- Excerpts from his "Reports about the North" --

Hmmm..., maybe less detail would be better here?

The three towers. Their true purpose is unknown though they not only corner the main gate of Osthemanger but possibly are its eyes as well. From the bottom of the valley these structures rise several hundred peds into the sky and seem to be the place of powerful magic. It was reported that in the Dawn of the Third Sarvonian War the Towers could be seen spitting ash and lightings from Lunin, an elven city in the Eight Winds Bay more than one thousand strats away!

the rest are only quick notes for now. please give ideas/imput wherever possible!

The upper city. On the plateau east and west of the three towers lie many buildings, barracks, storerooms and homes to the followers of Cor that came to this place.

lower city. beneath the plateau in vast caverns, unknown to any mortal eye outside the realm.

From the Hills of Innings to the north to mount Oshen in the South. From Hell's Gorge in the west to the Shadow Coast

-Darkelves, ruled by the Witchking/Demonlord of Cor, either a darkelf possessed by a Mystran or some similar evil.
-Orcs, the most deprived, corrupted of their kind. Where the Osther-oc have abandoned their hope in their eternal fight under the darkelven rule the mind of these Orcs has turned into flames of pure hate.

corrupted humans serving as spies, messengers(Winlok, some of your Kaaer'dr'shn fitting in here?) and mercenaries.

Coat of Arms
The open eye of Cor. I know, I know. Sounds like LOTR, maybe is very LOTR, but the symbol of Cor is the open eye opposed to the dreaming eye of Av, so any better ideas? The Darkwinds, my second choice, do not seem evil enough for the place though...

cold, stormy, rainy, dusty...anything unpleasant, barren and hostile towards life

Its erection.
Its role.

desc of the edges of the realm where degenerated species might be found...

even more nothing...
desc of the edges of the realm where degenerated species might be found...

Anything might be found deep under Osthemangar, however I guess with its ultimate powers it also presses every bit of silver, iron and gold out of its vasalls, the darkelves of the Caael, humans under its rule and the darkdwarves said to live on the Caael...

maybe a story similar to Beren about a hero who came to Osthemangar and even came back... or got lost in its prison. Some nasty creatures created here?

-The Time of its Erection
-War of the Chosen
-One evil age before the SWIII and its fall
-The rise of Osthemangar in the year of darkness
-Age of the eye... the whole SWIII story...

Inputs, direction, any help more than welcome, this is going to be a hard time scratching the line between evil place and avoiding obvious copying from LOTR though I fear some similarities cannot be avoided... :

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight
--Santharian Master of Disaster--
One day I'll be the greatest of all Jedi!!

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