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Author Topic: entries  (Read 1658 times)
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Lamertu Kthaen
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« on: 15 April 2000, 01:59:00 »

- The Prinotha
The Prinotha, or earthborn, are an ancient race originating from the isle of (peep- gosh I really need to reread my old writings). Their history can be divided in three parts: (0)
From 3200 to 2850 bS their civilization had it's first great peak, known as age of Unity, or the age of Mi'chan''tar, named after the great capitol of whole (peep, name isle). Their civilization was formed by small groups of villages, consisting of 50 to 200 Prinotha. These villages where subdivided  into Kechlar, what we would call houses. These houses where dug underground, and where the home of 8 to 16 Earthborn, and each Kech'lar ruled by a 'Muthen ( digger, defender) and a 'Kalthen (gatherer). Only in times of great danger the 'Muthen of the village would have a counsel, and when food supplies (grass) were running low, the 'Kalthen would decide where to move to.
Michantar was build in the midst of the isle, at the foot of (mnt) Mi'chan''tar, Gift of the Gods, Mountain of Light. As the northern part of Aeraichaen is comparatively dark, because of the long distance of the sun, any extra light is appreciated, and the glowrock ( Melara ) provided that extra light. Furthermore, it should be noted that fire was not in use in (peep, name isle), as it was deemed inferior to Melara (1). Around the mountain, small towns of researchers and worshippers where built, and thus a great peak was reached by cooperation in both (religious) philosophy and science. This age came to an end when the researchers ( Ahnothen) chipped of a piece of Mi'chan''tar although the Minothen had forbade it. A great war followed in which most villages were rallied to join in. From 2850 to 2800 bS the great war ravaged the land a the population of the Prinotha was decimated. In the end, the villages cried out for rest and some leaders emerged to satisfy the country's needs, and they rallied the people of several nearby villages to defend their territory from the rampaging armies, and thus the first kingdoms were born, and (peep, name isle) was subdivided into (about) thirteen statesand the sacred land of Mi'chan''tar, which was open for all people.

(0) three different entries?
-o: from ( northo = from the north)
-oth: people, clan
praen: earth (ground)  
praenotha -> prinotha
-then: he/ she who
-tha: they who
': stress on next syllable
'': more stress on next...
Mi: gift
Mel: given (adject of gift
Chantar: gods
-ara: stone
(1) entry written by human -> unknown that Prinotha did not know anything about fire
-no: research
-ah: religion (broader sense of word)  

plz tell me if the glowrock idea can be accepted; whole history and future is based on that

Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #1 on: 17 April 2000, 13:02:00 »

Concept sounds great, K'Thaen, only thing is: I always hear a strange *peep* when thinking about how I can add it to the Compendium *grin*... So maybe you can decide upon this matter and eventually add some last additional comments to the whole thing - and I'll convert it then to a Compendium entry... A little map would also be quite handy:)

By the way: The idea with the glowrock is ok - indeed its very good! Keep up the good work, K'Thaen!


"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
Lamertu Kthaen
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« Reply #2 on: 18 April 2000, 01:28:00 »

The Isle is called (peep) you dummy: ( signifies something between s and ic in "ich", ) means glottal stop =cockney no sound in stead of T P or K

Now seriously: I dug hard in my "writings" drawer but (cockney =bu')  I could only find a map (yea!) but no name (alas!). I restarted writing Ka'laten so at least I did something during the weekend...
I also tried to redraw the western part of A but I could only come up with the Klasoth capitol: Ti'iun which is situated on a hill on the western bank of the Great River of the West of which the Name is Forgotten :) . And Klasoth (with -oth meaning group; although used mostly in military terms, army : Klas (a long is a dutch name so it would mean army of Michaels (but that is really weird and not intendeed at all....))
And rereading the entry above I think that I should do some elaborationing on how kingdoms came into existence ("and thus the first kingdoms where born")

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