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Author Topic: A new tree, the Fragrans.  (Read 2644 times)
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« on: 01 February 2002, 17:29:00 »


A tall tree at about 8.3 peds in hight, with reddish brown bark, and Black leaves with purple little spots. Will produce tiny purple flowers in the spring, (or the santharian equivelent there of,) which become hard, tiny nuts in summer (or the santharian eqivlent there of,) which are inedible. the bark is rough and will catch anything that brushes aganst it.

Found all over santharia, these trees can grow almost anywhere. even on the sides of cliffs. though they do tend to avoid desert areas, the are often found at the egdes of them.

Bark can be grated and used as a vomit suppresser,  has a simi-plesent taste and gives a "high" feeling. Will often be added to drinks to give them an extra kick. can be added to butter to make "Bark-Butter", a healthy alturnative to regaler butter.

To be added later. Can't think of a good one right now.

This was suposed to be santharia's nut meg, by the way.

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« Reply #1 on: 01 February 2002, 21:12:00 »

Given my current effort at trying to create a "moss" of all things, I don't feel 'qualified to say this' however......

I'm not sure how large the Ylfferhim Tree is (the name excapes me at the moment) I believe that this is the tallest tree in Santharia, so you might want to check that out - to make sure that your not going over it's limit (I also know that the peice pine is something like 30 peds, so you know... :b )

With their territories, they grow basically anywhere that the rain falls regularly? Which excludes the deserts. (Can we say things like this with people 'working' on areas now... say that Gean wantes these trees in Strata, or I didn't want them in the Auturain Woods... do we / will we, have to double check with the 'place' people / people who are working on a place before we post?!?!)

Is Nutmeg a vomit supresser? - there is a vomit supresser??? supresser... like typing that supresser.. <thinks> hmm.. me sound crazy! ;)

I like the tree - don't get me wrong.. just want to clear these things up first k? :D  

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« Reply #2 on: 01 February 2002, 22:05:00 »

8.3 peds is not very tall.....only 25 feet......
Would this even be considered tall? Seems medium-sized to me. The Council Tree in the Vale of Brownies is 117 peds (basically took the size of a California Redwood and increased it slightly as this tree was grown using lifemagic).
Ono! Do we now have a competition for the tallest tree in the world?? **Smacks self on forehead**

Uragel: I like your moss. :) There is no way I could write something like that. If I wrote it, it would be more like:
edible moss.
On trees
they grind it up, and bake it into bread.

Ya know what I mean?
***Greybark bows and thanks Uragel profusely***

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« Reply #3 on: 01 February 2002, 22:16:00 »

Some comments and simple proofreading changes, if I may...
Note the additions I've suggested to avoid stepping on proprietary toes, please.  

The tree looks good, with a few touchups - and please do add more detail, such as the legend, or HOW the tree is used/prepared, etc.  We really needed nutmeg!

Fragrans Tree


A slim tree averaging 8 peds in height, with reddish brown bark, and black leaves with small purple spots. Will produce tiny purple flowers in the spring (usually during the months of Awakening Earth, Changing Winds and Singing Bird), which become hard, tiny inedible nuts in summer and fall (from Rising Sun through Burning Heavens, Sleeping Dreameress and Fallen Leaf, to Passing Clouds.)  The bark is rough, as if the tree were covered with small sharp grains, and will catch at anything that brushes against it.


Found throughout Santharia, these trees can grow in most locations, even on cliff-faces. However, optimal growing conditions are warm and dry, with plenty of sun.   They tend to avoid deserts, swamps, and heavily forested areas.


Bark can be grated and used as an anti-nausea tea.  It has a earthy, pleasant taste and gives a feeling of extra energy.  The spice will often be added to drinks to give them 'kick' and flavour.  Fragranspice can also be mixed with butter and honey to make "Bark-Butter", a delicious spread for fresh bread.

(To be Added:)

Fragrans bark and the prepared Fragranspice is traded by *
Grows best in *
The story about the Fragrans tree is *

Regards from the Bard


"Give me a land of boughs in leaf /  a land of trees that stand; / where trees are fallen there is grief; /  I love no leafless land."   --A.E. Housman

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« Reply #4 on: 02 February 2002, 15:45:00 »

Thanks for the suggestions. I like your additions, and I'm going to add them soon. Is it okay if I just copy and paste your version? :p  I'm thinking of the story of the tree, But it might take a few days.

And yes, Nutmeg is used to quell nusea, And I converted it's hight into peds. So there's a little bit of the real tree in there. In fact, if you look up the scientific name, you'll see where I got mine.

"If you can't do great things, do small things in a GREAT way."

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