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Author Topic: Domestic Cat Breeds: Barn Cat  (Read 937 times)
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« on: 02 January 2003, 22:55:00 »

Finally! This entry is up! (Whew!) Now technically all the breeds I wanted to get up here are up here. This is sort of the common breed. I probably should have done this one first, but oh well. Let me know what you all think!

Barn Cat

The Barn Cat, often called the Farmer’s cat or the Common Cat, is the most populous cat known and,. Because of the fact that they are known to nearly everyone, they are often used in reference for comparison. They are found in mid Santhaira living on farms, often in barns, where they hunt for mice, rats, and other small rodents. Though the majority of Barns cats are shorthaired, there are quite a lot of longhaired species of this cat found more northward. They are one of the most diverse breeds when it comes to color and appearance.

Appearance: The Barn cat is of average build and size, usually a little over than 2 palmspans at the shoulder and about a fore or so in length, not including the tail, which is usually a little less than a fore. The tail allows the balance that the cat species is known for, though often times the tail can be shortened by accidents that may occur on the farm, the most popular of which is the tip of the tail being bitten off by a horse. The feet and claws are both average compared to other cats. The Barn cats’ claws are not used for killing prey, but merely trapping and paralyzing. They use their sharp teeth to kill.

The coat colors of the Barn cat vary tremendously. This cat tends to have a tabby, mottled, or Herín pattern, though it may also come in solid. The Chandler, dyed and smoky patterns, while sometimes seen in shorthaired cats, is, as with most breeds, far more prominent in longhaired cats. The colors of the Barn cat are numerous, though they more commonly come in white, cream, ash, tan, brown, and black. They will also appear in rose, gold and silver and rarely in a grayish to rich allia and cerubell. The most common eyes colors are yellow and green; semi-common colors include orange, gold, and copper; They are rarely found in blue-colored eyes. Barn cats never have violet eyes.

Special Abilities: Though the Barn cat is considered to be a rather average cat, they do have some abilities that make them individuals among the domestic cat breeds. One of these is their hunting ability. They are primarily used for their hunting ability and are known to be great stalkers. They also have agility and balance that rivals the Avenor Cat, though neither can match the skill of the Brendolian. The Barn cat has a great sense of smell, hearing, and sight, though it has trouble seeing in extremely dark places.

Territory: The Barn cat is found in mid Santharia, tending to enjoy a mild climate rather than a severely hot or cold one. Nearly all farms board these cats. In fact, it is rare for a farm not to own at least one of two of them.

Diet: The Diet pf this breed varies depending on the owners who keep them. Most farmers will give the cat only enough food to ensure survive, but leave them hungry enough that they will hunt for food, primarily making meals out of mice and rats that live in the barn or barns on the farms on which they live. They may also eat small lizards, birds, and bugs, though they simply enjoy playing with these kinds of animals, usually for interested in their behavior rather than the meat on their bones. Hunting is usually done at dusk, night, and dawn. Most of the day is spent lying lazily around the barn.

Habitat/Behavior: The Barn cat, as its name implies, thrives in rural areas on farms and in barns. They are also the most popular kind of stray cat and many Guild Felinus members are considering removing these stray barn cats from the domestic cat family and categorizing them as a breed of wild cat. These strays keep away from people and will flee is approaches. If cornered, these strays are extremely ill tempered and may bite, hiss, and spit. They are also known for carrying diseases.

In the more domesticated Barn cat, temperament usually depends on how much handling and positive contact the cat has had throughout its life, as well as if it’s fed by its owners or not. Kittens who have a lot of positive contact and handling and who have been fed well by its owners usually tend to grow up to be more sociable cats, while kittens who get a lot of negative contact (such as abuse) or no contact at all and tend to be fed little or never by their owners will become more hostile. Like most cats, Barn cats dislike water and getting wet.

Usages: Barn cats are primarily used for hunting the rats, mice, and other pests that may infest the Barns of a farm. Sometimes they are kept as companions as well, though they hate travel. They can be tames to contently sit on one’s lap, though they haven’t the intelligence to learn tricks or tasks or anything of that sort.

Mating: See Domestic Cat Entry

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