Green Fever is a common disease of the Moredein Kaerath and the adjacent forests. Harmless in children, but lethal to adults, many a traveler has been unpleasantly surprised when he got infected by a grey bloodmoth bite, which spreads the disease. It only seems to affect humans, as neither the occasional even traveler in the region nor the merfolk living along the coast seems to be affected by the disease. Its name is derived from the two most obvious symptoms; a fierce fever, and a green discolouration of the eyes that renders the patient partially blind.

. Although similar in order and general effect, Green Fever can take on two separate forms, one in young children, and one in adults. The latter is much more severe, and likely to cause death unless special treatments are provided, such as the ministries of a Morchini priest or a Ter'ei'Vikh Spiritsinger.

In the young, Green Fever's main and first symptom is, not surprisingly, a high fever. The patient will sweat and sleep restlessly, often waking several times throughout the night. After several hours, the second symptom will be revealed, as the eyes start to take on a pale green shade, and the patient's vision is equally impaired. The (partial) lack of sight this discolouration results in can be extremely unsettling, especially to the youngest of patients, so it is advised to have someone attending the sickbed at all times to prevent any accidents that could occur should the victim start to wander off.

In adult patients the disease follows the same pattern, but the fevers now grow to a level where sleep becomes nigh impossible, and the victim is plagued with hallucinations during their waking hours. The blindness progresses to complete darkness within three days, and, even if the disease is cured, the patient's sight never completely returns to its former quality. Unlike children, the patient will now start to have increasingly strong convulsions, often combined with loss of bladder and bowel control and vomiting. If again no cure by magical means is sought, the patient will more often than not continue to suffer aforementioned symptoms in increasing measure until his or her death, usually within ten days after the first symptoms occurred.
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Cure/Prevention. Green Fever disease has no known cure apart from the magical ministries of the Morchini priests or Ter'ei'Vikh spiritsingers. Unfortunately, the methods used by the priests to cure the disease have never been publicly revealed, and the spiritsong ability is only found among those of Ter'ei'Vikh descent.

Although there does not seem to be a true way to prevent infection with Green Fever, it can be had only once. Natives of the region it is usually encountered in will be infected at a young enough age that the patient will recover with standard care, and apart from a minor relapse after sustaining a large amoung of bloodmoth bites or infection of a bite wound, will face no further risk. Many children that do not get infected naturally before their fifth year are purposely infected by placing a container with a trapped bloodmoth on the skin until it has sucked blood. In the Drifting Woods, the parents of a child that has evaded Green Fever until its fifth year will use their magical song themselves to lure a bloodmoth while the child sleeps, and direct it towards the child to ensure it will get bitten. Both of aforementioned methods may fail to produce a Green Fever infection, as not every bloodmoth bite will afflict the victim with this disease, but they are easily repeated each night, and rarely fail alltogether.
It is interresting to note that, of those very few that do not get infected either naturally or artificially, almost none contract the disease at a later age. It has been suggested that these lucky individuals are immune to the disease entirely, but even the most sophisticated divinations and examinations have not been able to reveal the secret behind their health.

Adults, such as merchants and other travelers in the region must be most wary of this disease, and be prepared to seek assistance at a Morchini priest tower immediately if the symptoms start to occur. It is wise for such travelers to wear clothing which fully covers arms and legs, as well as a hood, and to securely seal their tents when sleeping in the wild, to reduce the chance of being bitten by a moth. Furthermore, the Faen have developed a salve that repels parasitic insects of any kind for several hours after application, which has greatly reduced the number of victims from trading caravans.
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Vector/Cause. The Green Fever is caused by the bite of a grey bloodmoth, a small nocturnal insect of the Moredein Kaerath that lives off human and animal blood. Although not every bite ensures infection with Green Fever, the inhabitants of the region are nearly always infected before the age of five.
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Endemic. As mentioned before, the Green Fever can only be contracted via the bite of a
grey bloodmoth, making it common in this animal's territory, and completely nonexistent everywhere else. Guides and caravan leaders, as well as ship captains heading into the area, usually warn their personnel and any passengers about the dangers of contracting Green Fever, and more often than not know where and how to find assistance should one contract the disease. Return to the top

History/Epidemics. Green Fver has been a constant factor in the lives of the tribes north of the Germon Doilth for as long as any recovered record goes. Therefore the only outbreak that could be called an epidemic occured around 1640 b.S, as the Krean survivors that traveled north after the Breaking entered the Moredein Kaerath. They were set upon by the moths immediately, and as much as eight in ten die before finally the by then desperate survivors are able to obtain a cure from the reclusive Vikhari people of the Drifting Woods.

About once every decade, the disease undergoes a terrifying change, lasting approximately four to five months. In such a period, it starts infecting even those whom already suffered through the normal version as a child, and, unlike regular Green Fever, this Green Plague carries the risk of death to all who are infected. Morchini Mage-Priests and Ter'ei'Vikh Spiritsingers stand powerless against this ravaging phenomenon, only able to extend the life of a patient briefly. Instead, a cure must be sought from the nomadic Efferdita, as they are the only ones who have the knowledge of how to restore a sufferer of the Green Plague to health.

This has of course led many to believe that the Efferdita, who charge a handsome sum to cure the afflicted, are the ones causing the plague in the first place, but nothing that confirms or disproves this horrible suspicion has ever been found. Return to the top

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