This page contains a load of sites on the net which link back to the Santharian Dream, and we are thankful for that - the more the merrier! Just have a look around and see if you find something that piques your interest. Many of the pages you find here are made by very creative people, either developing their own worlds, games or archiving stuff in the fantasy context for your perusal. They are worth visiting for every fantasy fan or creative person, so please check them out! In case you spot a link that isn't working, feel free to report it on the Development Message Board or send an e-mail to .

Finally, if you want to link your site to Santharia as well, make sure to follow the details on the How to Link to Santharia page and make it happen. Thanks in advance for linking to us!


DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ADVENTURES - Are you a Dungeon & Dragons addict? Searching for new adventures, campaigns, magic items, creatures? Well, here's your place to go - this page contains everything a role player needs, and aside from the material the site also includes lots of links to other interesting D&D sites.

ELSEWHERE - A reader-led interactive narrative that runs on your comments. Explore the world of Elsewhere!

THE ELVES OF IAX - "Elves of Iax" is a comic about a ragtag group of friends who are on a journey. Along the way they take in a human who's lost his way. The art is very soft and vibrantly coloured, and the online sample has no violence or nudity. For all those who like comics and fantasy, the "Elves of Iax" is definitely worth a closer look!

FANTASY-FAN PORTAL - A Portal intended for all fans of Fantasy. Meet friends from all over the world, read news, stories, reviews, book fragments, solve quizes and much more.

  Visit Fantasy World Creations
FANTASY WORLD CREATIONS - Get support for your fantasy-based game development project, browse through the games already created by members of the site, discuss the latest fantasy novels, get help writing breath-taking stories, and roleplay set in a fantasy world. For all fantasy lovers. The Home of Fantasy!

GENERAL STARLIGHT'S FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAME PAGE - Peruse articles summarizing 20 Years of gaming experience! Lots of valueable information role player's (especially those of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons World) will love to read. And furthermore: The World Of Orlantia also wants to be discovered - well, what are you waiting for?

  Visit Human Age
HUMAN AGE - Do you want to know how history can be fun? Do you want to learn how to hunt the biggest animals the world has ever seen? Human age is a simulation game / free virtual management game / rpg where you adopt a human being and help him or her through various ages of mankind, from prehistory to the 21st century, from learning how to use a club to your driver's license. Luckily, with the help of your wolf, family and friends, your life is much more than just work, it's a real game. But before you can become the king of France in medieval times or a pharaoh, you will be a caveman or woman and hunt dinosaurs. If 10,000 years of history and mayhem don't scare you, register now and join the 17,299 players who are already rewriting history!

  Letty Draws
LETTY DRAWS - The blog and portfolio website of Letty Wilson, illustrator, comics creator and writer.

  Patchwork People

PATCHWORK PEOPLE - A webcomic following the exploits of Aulish and co, and very exploitative they are. Updates Thursdays.

  Morjer's Art
MORJER'S ART - Morjer's Art is the website of Santharian contributor Morjer (aka Jeremiah Morelli), who delights us with exquistely beautiful drawings, often of funny nature, halfway between dream land and fairy-tale and the occasional dark side popping up. Dive into an enchanted world where snowmen learn to fly thanks to an encounter of the third kind, discover ocean caves with faces, see castles built in the air and adorable racoons introduce themselves to dragons by presenting some flowers. Acquired a taste for the unusual? Then head straight through the magical portal by clicking the banner and off you go to wonderland...

  Point System Gaming

POINT SYSTEM GAMING - A new resource complete with a fully functional fantasy gaming system for serious and passionate gamers. Free downloads, core rules, and much more come by and have a look.

QUANTUM MUSE - Our goal is to provide the discriminating reader with the best fantasy and science fiction literature and art we can obtain without spending most of our beer money. We are committed to providing aspiring writers and artists with a free and open forum for expression. - Come in and join the action!

THE SONG OF THE SWORD - The Song of the Sword is an enchanting tale filled with magic and dark terror. Visit richly-described lands of beauty and wonder. Meet characters that are both endearing and unforgetable, and meet their truly fearsome foes. The Song of the Sword is a work of power, eloquence and noble vision. See for yourself!

UMBAGOLLAH - Strange name? Strange land too! If you want to become a citizen in a wonderous land somewhere in digital nirvana here's your place to go! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun there!

ZAYIX'S FALGORNA ARCHIVES - Good moons and good stars! Welcome to an original fantasy world for Dungeons & Dragons begun in 1978 - a place of magic, myth and monsters with a Celtic flavor. Also, fantasy artwork by Jason Bovee and fiction. Return to the top

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