Like the game Arvins Arrows, Disks is a game created by the Kyranians. Originally played solely by off duty guards and soldiers, it spread amongst the commoners. The game requires the players to take it in turn to throw six disks in one of two cups. The player with the most points at the end of the game is named the winner. Unlike the game of Arvins Arrows, which become popular across Caelereth, Disks remains to this day a purely Kyranian game, due in part to the desire of those of Kyranian descent to keep it purely a Kyranian game and partly due to the blandness of the game to the eyes of those of other tribes.

. The game of Disks was invented in the hay-day of the Kyranian Kingdom by soldiers and guards while they were off duty. As the soldiers and guards travelled, they spread the game, and before long the game was well known by the different branches of that tribe's military. It played a significant part in the manhood ceremonies amongst the Kyranian military. When soldiers returned to their families, the game was taught to their children who would later on return to the armies with it. In time, this game became popular amongst all classes in Kyranian culture.

After the fall of Kyrania in 806 b.S., many elements of the culture of the Kyranians continued, such as Disks and Arvins Arrows and the festivals such as the Turning Season, Manhood Ceremony and Eywing. Unlike Arvins Arrows which took on appeal all over Caelereth, Disks didn't become as popular outside the traditional borders of the ancient Kyranian kingdom. There are two primary reasons given for this phenomena. Firstly, those who lay claim to being of Kyranian descent consider this to be their game. They guard it pretty fiercely and are not happy to see others become interested in the game. While they are happy to discuss the mechanics of the game, they are not prepared to discuss the scoring used in the game.[1] It is also claimed by some not of Kyranian descent that the game of disks is 'just about as exciting as watching grass grow or listening to a Kyranian talk'. The Centoraurian who was overheard making this observation by a group of Kyranian locals learnt quickly that a group of angry Kyranian farmers armed with pitchforks could be a danger to one's health.

Today, travellers to the lands of the Province of Xaramon between the Steppe of Kruswik, city of Naios, city of Caelum, the Gap of Anaios and the Lower Fores, are hard pressed not to find the game of Disks being played in the settlements of that area by those who consider themselves to be of Kyranian descent.
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Equipment. Two or more players are required. The Playing Field is made up of two squares on the ground, which are normally between one and a half peds to two peds away from each other. These squares are formed by pieces of wood and are normally about half a seaprint in area. In the middle of each square is a metal cup, normally about half a handspan deep. These cups have a heavy nail in the center of each cup to keep them in place. Sand is poured around the cups to keep them in place. Each cup has a diameter of approximately six nailsbreadths and a depth of about half a handspan.

The Disks are circular and are slightly smaller in diameter than the cup opening. They are made of metal, relatively flat and very light. This metal is normally the unused portions of metal that were used to make weapons such as the sengren, bits of old pots and plans and off cuts from other tools made by the smiths in the region.
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Game Setup. The squares are set up in an area that is large enough to accommodate the players and interested onlookers. The squares are set up at a distance of between one and a half and two peds away from each other, and have a cup nailed into them, and sand poured into them. Players need three disks each for this game. Return to the top

Rules. Each player takes it in turn to toss a disk at the cup furtherest away from them. The player stands behind one square. The first player tosses the disk underarm at the cup in the other square. The second player tosses the disk underarm at the other square. This continues until each player has tossed three disks. Points are tallied. Exactly how the points are tallied were not discussed. The aim of the game is to be the player to have scored the most points at the end of four rounds. A round ends after each player has tossed three disks. If either player chucks or throws the disk overarm, they suffer a penalty, which seems to be a reduction in their points.
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[1] When asked about 'Disks', Calitter 'Cali' Kanemir, owner of the 'Red King Inn' in Naios was most careful not to be overheard talking about the game to one 'who wasn't a Kyranian'. In fact, he took this compendiumist into a back room of the inn to discuss the game. [Back]

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