"Svaq and Kuatu" or much longer "Kuatu forcing the Soobrache" are the names of this gnomish card game, involving the sober-making svaq drink and kuatu squirrels as elements of the cards. Actually it is not very hard to learn but maybe because of its need in equipment is slightly unloved by the people. Although, the innkeepers thought on how to rid this problem, as they started selling decks in their inns.

. Thought up by a Daran gnome in the Santharian province of Manthria, this game has been played almost across all of the United Kingdom and there are even similar games on Nybelmar and Aeruillin, obviously based on "Svaq and Kuatu". As people tell, a gnome who worked at Nolan’s Farm thought up the game. They say that the gnome had to go home after some sort of celebration (probably a colleague's birthday) and for an unknown reason he peeked into the brewery for a moment. Well, people are pretty firm on that reason however, claiming he just wanted to get a clear head by sipping a bit of soobrish. Our "hero" said later that when he had looked into the brewery he had seen three kuatu squirrels drinking two flasks of svaq and that they had started to dance around him! The gnome of course hadn't stayed in this bizarre place for long and had run out of the brewery, telling the story shakingly to the first one he had encountered. Later on someone else got an inspiration to make a game about this weird story, perhaps to make fun of the obviously drunken gnome, who feared drinking kuatus. He called the game “Svaq and Kuatu” and introduced it at Nolan’s Farm, which proved to be exceptionally entertaining. The people say the game was invented around 272. a.S.

Although this game can be played in most inns in Manthria these days it is quite expensive to buy a deck of cards from the innkeepers so people prefer to draw their own cards or to play with a deck from a friend. The foxy innkeepers also make tournaments and they are played at their inns. This kind of game is very funny, thus cheering people up and innkeepers earn a lot of money selling beverages and decks that way (and not all decks survive a wet evening, so sale never runs low).
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Equipment. The equipment needed for the "Svaq and Kuatu" card game consists of money and other things to trade, and of course the cards themselves. A deck consists of 50 cards with five cards of each of ten different card types. - The types are:

Game Setup. The game is designed for two to six players. The players start with five cards in their hands and after each turn a player has to refill to that number. Return to the top

Rules. The goal of the game is to use the cards to acquire two whole sips of svaq, and three kuatu squirrels.

A player must play at least two cards per round. When the draw pile empties, the discard pile is reshuffled as a new deck, and play continues until a player gets two sips of svaq and three kuatus. Whenever a player gets a sip of svaq, he must drink an actual sip of svaq, and whenever he gets a kuatu, he must announce that fact.

An additional kissing rule and trading idea is probably just an add on made by veteran players to spice the game up: If any person of the opposite sex asks within the next minute to kiss him (or her), he (or she) cannot refuse, or else the kuatu card has to be discarded. The play continues until someone gets the necessary combination of svaq and kuatu. Additionally, players are allowed to sell or trade their svaq or kuatu to each other, for whatever fee the player is willing to pay, including cards in the game. A player cannot have more than three kuatus or two sips of svaq at a time, and must discard extras, so sometimes it is beneficial to trade. Players can only offer to trade on their own turn.
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