As reported by Alex Jovier, historian, according to the historical records and archives in the Nautical Museum in Marcogg concerning the Avennorian ships, the details and the history of the ships are as follows:

A ship's cabin

View picture in full size Picture description. A cabin on an Avennorian barek. Image drawn by Seeker.

There were three ships. The Fijor, the Barek, and the Triton. Of the three only the Fijor is still in use at present day. Though the Barek and the Triton are no longer true Avennorian ships ever since Avennoria became a satellite country of Erpheronia. Though the Erpheronians incorporated some Avennorian ship building techniques they are not true Avennorian ships. A few rare Bareks still sail the seas of Sarvonia. A true Avennorian ship had a statue of the Sea Goddess Baveras upon the prow of the ship with one exception. It has been recorded and found in some very old manuscripts (which have scholars, both human and dwarven disagreeing on to this day) about a special Avennorian Barek commissioned by a dwarf named of Brok Strongarm. This Barek had a statue of the dwarven God Trum-Baroll upon its prow. True Avennorian ships had a shallow keel and the main sail always had the coat of arms of the Avennorians stitched into it. Baveras and the sea have always been the most integral part of Avennorian life, especially their ships. For it is from the sea, that they receive most of their sustenance and resources for their ships and explorations.

Description. All Avennorian ships have the same design with only a few specialized exceptions. The keel was made of whalebone upon which were lashed wooden planks that over lapped one another. Over the wooden planks was a whale skin covering.

The Fijor had one exception: It was completely covered with whale skin except for two small holes upon which two men/women could enter the boat. Then they could, using whale sinew, tie up the loose ends of the whale skin around them and make the ship virtually watertight. It had no sail and was rowed by oars that were permanently attached to the sides of the ship where the sailors sat. It was typically about ten peds long, two peds in breadth and had a keel depth of about two thirds of a ped.

The Barek was a much larger ship than the Fijor. It was 29 peds in length and 6 peds in width and had a keel depth of 5 peds. It also had these exceptions; it was open decked upon which 25 rowers sat on either side of the ship and rowed when needed. It also had two sails, the main sail was square shaped and the aft sail was lateen or triangular shaped. Because of the shallow drafts of the ship it was and still is one of the fastest ships on the seas. Also because of the shallow draft the Avennorians could go up rivers that were too shallow for larger more deep drafted ships of other human tribes and could attack settlements that thought they were safe from attack by water. A typical attack by the Avennorians consisted of no less than five of the Bareks to an armada of 50 ships.

An Avennorian Barek

View picture in full size Picture description. The Avennorian Barek used by the Mitharim dwarf Brok Strongarm for his discovery of Denilou. Image drawn by Quellion.

The Triton was the largest of the Avennorian ships. It was used for whaling and exploration. The Triton's size was enormous. It was one hundred peds long and twenty peds in width. Its keel depth was 30 peds. It had three masts, the main mast had a square sail and the other two had lateen sails. On top of each main sails of the three masts flew smaller lateen sails. The main mast had a crow's nest built to it for an observer to watch for whales and land. It had more of a square bow with a raised platform upon which Avennorian spear throwers could throw their whaling spears at the whales. The shaft to whale sinew, which was attached to the bow of the ship, connected each spear. Its sides had sharp hooks embedded into the hull of the ship so that when a whale was killed it was hauled up and hung on these hooks until the whale could be cut up and stored in the cargo hold. The entire whale was used, not a single part of it was wasted. The Triton could carry up to ten pygges in cargo and men. When sails could not be used, it would take one hundred men to row the boat. Its typical compliment consisted of 300 men besides the captain.

Usage. The Fijor was a two man ship, used mainly to go only a few frescal from shore to search and dive for pearls and a single families food sources such as fish, seaweed, and other resources from the sea.

The Barek was the Avennorian war ship. Used mainly by soldiers
it had an upraised platform called a forecastle upon which arrows and spears could be thrown.

The Triton was the largest of the Avennorian
ships. It was used for whaling and exploration.

Of the three only the Fijor is still in use by Avennorians. The Barek and the Triton have all but disappeared since the take over of Avennoria by Erpheronia.
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History. As far as the Marcoggian historian Alex Jovier can ascertain, the Avennorian Fijor was always used and no certain time period could be determined when it was first built. We can assume that they were in use since the founding of Ciosa around 11350 and used for the settlements of Klinsor and Chrondra between 10000-9800.

We can also safely assume since we know that the Avennorian
ancient ancestors were Glandorians that their shipbuilding techniques, at least their intial ones, were based upon the Glandorian ships.

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(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1322 b.S. The Mitharim dwarf Brok Strongarm commissions a Barek
(This is strongly contested by some dwarven historians.) The ship build for Brok strongly resembles a Barek. Speculation among nautical historians state a theory that Brok may have been the one that gave the Avennorians the concepts of the Barek though they were not realized until 1642 b.S.

1304 b.S. Commissioning of the Triton
The second Triton is built, being commissioned in the spring of the year 1652 b.S. It is so called the second Triton for it is assumed by some early manuscripts of a ship similar to the Triton but much smaller that discovered a southern continent from which slaves were transported back to Marcogg. It seems this ship went into disuse after the second generation of Tritons were built. The new ship is named the "Sorli". It represents the second generation of Tritons. It was reported to have set sail and have discovered the island Darknar, which we know now as the Island of Doranthakar.

1294 b.S. Building of the first Barek
The first Barek is commissioned and built. It is named "Starmir". She is captained by the first female captain of the Avennorians. Her name was Thea Snivild. She follows the Sarvonian coast line south and then rediscovers the continent which we today call "Aeruillin". Her discovery and the subsequent decision by King Rejk Swanhild to attack the city called Shan'Thai starts a war or series of wars that lasted almost seven hundred years.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
806 b.S. Third Triton Generation
The third generation of Tritons is built by the new king of Avennoria, Anir Snivild. These Tritons, the one we know of now are used for huge exploration, whaling and trade. Along with companies of Bareks they rule the Eastern seas until the Erpheronians take over Avennoria in 749 b.s. and their shipbulding techniques are mingled with the Avennorians and became Erpheronian ships.


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