The Swivelstool is an ingenious yet simple design of a seat that rotates around its own axis. While this design allows Compendium researchers to spin around on their chairs, it also allows them to work on multiple desks at a time while researching. While traditional seating has to be shifted around or about, the Swivelstool allows effortless swivelling. Though more traditional heavy oak seats are more decorated and prestigious with many a crafty carving in them, these chairs often bind the researcher to one desk. Some of the more messy Compendium researchers who work across numerous desks needed something new; a seat that allowed them to swivel from one desk to another: The Mechkanika[1] solution to this problem came from a simple design by the Compendium researcher and engineer Jonael Tomeskrift.

A Swivelstool
View picture in full size Image description. A Swivelstool as it can now found more and more often in the Compendium Halls. Picture drawn by Jonael and Seeker.

Description.  As can be seen from the picture, the Swivelstool’s simplest design bears resemblance to a decorated wooden stool. The prototype constructed in the Compendium halls itself measured three fores in height and had a seat diameter of one and a half fores. What made this chair an exceptional step forward was the top half of the chair’s ability to swivel about on its own central axis. As with any Mechkanikan design, the final product had to be simple in its application and design. As such, the Swivelstool can be broken down to three basic components:

Usage. Though a reasonably new design (early 1667 a.S.) that is still in its testing stages, the hope was that after its launch orders would come in from fellow researchers who considered the transition from an old heavy throne to a dashing revolutionary new form of seating. Return to the top

History/Origin. Known to regularly work across three desks at a time in his research study in the Compendium, Jonael Tomeskrift soon found himself enraged at the hassle of having to shift his heavy ornate chair from table to table. As a fellow Mechkanist though he did not despair, but instead went about finding a solution. Thus, after long nights of scribbling away one ink pot after the next, he had finally conceived a design which could alleviate the problem.

After a month of strenuous work and a constant stream of letters between Tomeskrift and his ‘testers’ the Swivelstool’s design was completed. Both fascinated and delighted with the improved design, Jonael Tomeskrift presented the proposal and design to his superior, the venerable Sage Artimidor Federkiel.

Thanks to much praise and encouragement from fellow researchers, the design was approved and the order to proceed with its production was issued. Since its first manufacture, Swivelstools have been purchased by fellow
Compendium researchers, including Jonael, Talia, Alysse and Shabakuk.
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[1] Mechkanika: This is a fairly new concept that is slowly but surely creeping around the planes of Caelereth. At its most basic, it promotes the ideal of making things in their simplest yet most effective possible design. While the art in itself is intricate and complex, in Mechkanika every invention (usually practical in orientation) is to be made of simple components that together work to perform great tasks and jobs. Other names for a fellow Mechkanist may include: Tinkerer, Crafter, Smith. A further ideal of Mechkanika is that knowledge and the feats it performs should be available to everyone from simpleton to noble, and as such promotes the spreading and sharing of Mechkanika knowledge. [Back]

 Date of last edit 2th Sleeping Dreameress 1670 a.S.

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