The Santharian CompendiumWelcome to the Santharian Compendium! These pages offer you detailed information on all people, places and things of Santharia. The Compendium comprises all information you can also find in the other sections (like the Bestiary, the Persons, the Magic or the Religions and Cosmology section etc.), all in one place. As this glossary is designed as a permanent work in progress it will expand constantly and thus will be fragmentary by design. More and more entries are constantly added in the course of time, making the world design more complete. Make sure to check out new entries here regularly to keep up to date!

An additional note to all Santharian developers: Please be aware that the Compendium and other single sections, which are accumulated in the Compendium, should be updated regularly by the developers themselves! So in case any of you creates a new kind of vegetation, a creature or an important historical person - please invest some time to describe the item, thing or person a bit and let the results be discussed at the Santharian Forum (see link above) so that the Compendium can give some more answers to questions others may have about certain items, places, whatever. - What more is there to say? Let this section become the primary resource for all Santharian enthusiasts - and, of course: have fun!

Yours sincerely, ever stressed Santharian archivist,