The Allia (plural "Allia" as well) is a small plant that bears a flower ranging from a soft violet to a grayish purple in color. This plant bares a dark purple berry cluster that, though poisonous, can be used for dying clothes. It is found across mid-Santharia, thriving in heaths and fields as well as near forests.

Appearance. Allia is a rather small plant reaching no larger than a fore in height. It has a slender, deep-green stem from which leaves, shaped like elongated arrowheads, grow from. Leaves vary in size, appearing larger at the bottom of the plant and smaller at the top, but usually grow no larger than half a palmspan in length.

The flower of this plant, which usually blossoms in mid to late spring, is found in various shades of purple, ranging from a soft yet rich violet color to a duller, grayer purple hue. The flower contains five petals, two of which are larger than the others. Instead of growing facing upward, these flowers grow facing across with the two larger petals on the lower part of the flower and the three smaller ones on top. This makes it easier for insects, especially the malise, to enter the flower and spread pollen among flowers.

In early to mid autumn, the petals fall away and a berry cluster is formed. This berry cluster contains a multitude of small berries connected to a central spire that grows out from where the flower once was. The spire to which the berries are connected, often called a berry spire, often curls in elegant fashions. The berries usually start out as an orange or orangish-yellow, but eventually ripen into red and finally a rich purple. These berries are often harvested for cosmetics or dye, though hey are poisonous to most animals.
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Territory. The Allia is found in a wide range across the middle of the Santharian Kingdom, commonly growing in heaths and meadows as well as near forests. Allia are found as far north as Voldar, growing around all but the northernmost border of the Thaelon Forest. They are also commonly found in the Heath of Jernaís, the Aurora Fields, and the Heath at Salazar, but as well around Vontron, the Shivering Woods and the Quallian, save the forest's western border, as well as around the Istarin, Paelelon and the Almatrar. Finally Allia also grow on the northern border of the Zeiphyrian Forest and around all the borders of the Auturian Woods except the western. However, Allia grows no farther south than the Tolonian Heath.

These plants in general tend to be picky about where they grow and will not grow in or near an area where another Allia or some large plant has taken root. For this reason they are never found in clusters or bushes.
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Usages. The Allia’s purple berry is poisonous and may be used for such a purpose. Ingestion of this berry usually leads to death within a few days. A victim of these berries may experience severe stomach pains. Some magi, especially clerics of Nehtor, have been known to be able to undo the effects of the poison. Allia berries are also used for dyes, most commonly to the Caltharian tribe. In autumn, Caltharian women and children may be seen colleting these berries in baskets and aprons just for this purpose. They’re often used for various cosmetics as well. Nevertheless Allia are not usually planted in gardens due to their finicky nature.
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