The Ashwude Tree is one that is fairly popular in the southern parts of Northern Sarvonia as well as the northern and mid parts of the Santharian Kingdom. Many identify them for their wing-shaped fruit that spins as it carries the seeds to the ground. They are a popular material for furniture, toys, and even small houses and sheds.

Appearance. At about 21 to 24 peds high, the Ashwude Tree is generally considered to be a medium to large forest tree. It has a trunk that ranges between 6 and 9 palmspans in diameter. The bark of this tree is usually smooth, though it has vertical crevices that form diamond-shape patterns, running elegantly up and down the tree.

This bark tends to be a yellowish or orange-brown color, though it sometimes comes in a grayish-brown or taupe shade. In a full-grown Ashwude Tree, the branches sprout from the trunk about 1/3 up the height of the tree. This, coupled with its smooth texture makes the tree a rather difficult one to climb.

The twigs of the Ashwude are often stout and are a grayish or greenish brown. The leaves of the Ashwude Tree are elliptical and are a deep yellow-green in spring and summer. In fall, their leaves will turn a full yellow or brown, or sometimes even a slight crimson color.

The flowers of the Ashwude Tree are small and often inconspicuous among the foliage. The female flowers, which grow on a different tree than the males, are a reddish color and appear as delicate little protrusions growing in groups or clumps. The male flowers appear more like small leaves with a reddish-brown coloration, often growing together in groups more concentrated than the female flowers.

The seed pods of the Ashwude appear in late summer, springing out from the twigs like a handful of brown feathers. They are slim, about 6.5 nailsbreadth in length, and are shaped like a dragonfly’s wing, with a bulge at the base where the seed cavity is located. In fact, they serve the same purpose as a wing - to extend their passengers' range! When these thin yellow pods fall they spin, catching the air, spreading the seed further away from the tree.
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Territory. The Ashwude Tree can be found in forests ranging from the southern portion of the Shaded Forest all the way to the Northern parts of the Zeiphyrian Forests and the Auturian Woods. It is found most commonly in the Goltherlon Forest, the Thaelon Forest, Bolder Forest, and the Vontron, though they can also be found at the Istarin, the Quallian, the Almatrar, the Paelelon, the Calimarios, the Shivering Woods, as well as the Hovel Frond Forest.
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Usages. The Ashwude Tree wood is fairly strong and is commonly used to make handles for farming equipment. It is also used to make furniture like tables, chairs, bed frames, and dressers, as well as different styles of shelves, coat hangers, and ornaments. Many woodworkers will make little sculptures and toys out of Ashwude Tree wood. They can be used to make oars and boats and are sometimes also used as boards to form small houses and sheds.

Children enjoy pulling off handfuls of the wingpods in fall and throwing them into the air to watch them spiral down. Crafters have also been known to incorporate the pods as dainty wings into miniature carvings of the mythical fae. With moonmoss for 'hair' and leaves for 'clothing', these little dolls are very popular with young girls, though they don't last long...
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Reproduction. The Ashwude comes into bloom in spring. All Ashwude trees are either male or female and create flowers of their gender. The male flower will produce pollen of a ashy yellow color which sticks to the female flowers. The male flowers tend to fall off in early summer when they produce no more pollen and, though parts of the female flower will fall away, most of it stays and is transformed into a thin, yellow, wing-like form that carries the seed cavity in its base. In autumn, these wing-shaped pods fall elegantly to the ground in a spinning motion.
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