The Yellow Birch, also commonly called the Bronze Birch, is identifiable by its yellowish or dark-gray bark, which often has the appearance of being ragged. Though it tends to prefer mid Sarvonia as its habitat, mainly residing in the Hovel Frond and in the southern Shadowlands, it can also be found as far south as the Bolder forest and the northern Thaelon. It is commonly used for furniture and paper and has a fresh, wintergreen scent.

Appearance. The Yellow Birch, also sometimes called the Bronze Birch, has yellow or dark-gray bark when fully grown. Young twigs have a more bronze-coloured bark. The bark of this particular birch is very thin and yet is easily torn or ripped, giving the tree a ragged appearance. The leaves of the Yellow Birch are grayish green to brownish or yellowish green. The leaves have prominent veins running through them in uniform pattern: one primary vein runs through the center of the ovate, or egg-shaped leaf, and several other veins run diagonally from the primary vein to the edge of the leave, which is usually slightly jagged. The cones of the Yellow Birch stand upright, usually at the point between a branch and a leaf-stem. These cones are dark tan or yellowish brown and will sometimes have a reddish color. Return to the top

Territory. The Yellow Birch is usually found in the Hovel Frond Forest, the Shadow lands, but also as far sound as the Bolder and northern Thaelon. They usually grow in clumps or pairs.
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Usages. The Yellow Birch makes excellent timber because of its slow-burning qualities, but also because of its fresh, wintergreen scent. It is also more commonly used for making furniture and shelves, though, because of the limited amount of wood in each tree, this birch is rarely used to make houses. If peeled thin enough and treated properly, the bark of the Yellow Birch can also be used for parchment paper and tends to be a rather inexpensive way to gain such a material.
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Reproduction. See main Birch entry.
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Myth/Lore. There is a myth that surrounds these elegant Bronze Birches, commonly believed in Northern Santharia and southern parts of Northern Sarvonia. Like many of the birches, it is believed that a beautiful woman or woman’s spirit may inhabit some of these trees. She is commonly referred to as the Bronze Birch Maiden. It is said that, on the first of every month, she wonders about the forest searching for a human lover. Some believe that only males can fall within her grasp and become lost within the shadows of the forest, but there have been cases where some young women have also vanished on the first of the month when she wanders through the forest.

The appearance of the Bronze Birch Maiden differs in other regions and tribes, each contributing a bit of their culture's values of beauty. In each story, the Bronze Birch Maiden is described as a graceful, elegant woman, beautiful with strangely sad, alluring golden or green eyes. Some describe her hair as being a soft white color, while others firmly believe it is blonde. Still others say that it flows down her shoulder in shades of green and chartreuse. Some say she wears a light flowing dress, others say that she wanders through the forest without any clothing to cover her body.
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