The Coastal Redwood is a massive tree, standing at over 90 peds tall and at least 5 peds in diameter. Its age is average of over 2000 years. Its name comes from its thick, fibrous rust-red bark that defends it from fire. The Coastal Redwood is a beautiful and stately tree that has withstood the test of time, and has run the gamut of all disasters and still holds firm. Its residing area is quite small, living only in the coastal forests all over Caelereth. It has smaller relatives that live further inland, but few have the height and girth of the Coastal Redwood.

Appearance. The Coastal Redwood is an amazing example of flora. At well over 90 peds tall and 5 peds around, it dwarfs many other living creatures; as well as monuments. Its thick bark defends it from fire and insect infestation. The branches of the Redwood start growing out at 1/3 to 1/2 up the trunk of the tree to protect it from herbivores, as well as soak up more sunshine and rain. The branches prouduce flat, needle-like leaves and small, 2 nailsbreadth-sized seed cones. The branches of the Redwood grow in levels and slowly taper as they ascend the trunk. The root system is very interesting; it grows out instead of down. This gives the tree a larger area of nutrient absorption as well as an ability to keep itself erect. The wider a base, the harder it is to knock down. Another unique aspect of the shallow, wide growth of the Redwood is its ability to sprout young trees from its root system. The trees are not so effective at flowering-mating, so the growth of new trees from knot burls reaching above the surface of the earth helps the Coastal Redwood immensely. Through this system of growth, one large tree could be the parent of at least 15 trees within a 30 ped growth area. Various animals enjoy living in and around this tree. It is an example of steadfastness and stability. Return to the top

Territory. The Coastal Redwood grows only in forests near the oceans and seas over the whole of Caelereth. They enjoy mists and rains, they flourish well in them. One tree can take up a large amout of space; 90 peds tall, 5 peds diameter, 30 ped root ststem. Fortunately, it can share that area with its offspring, who take advantage of the parent's massive root structure by growing up out of the parent's exposed root burls.
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Usages. The Coastal Redwood is used by many smaller animals of the forest as a home. It is safe from fire and insects, so the stability it provides makes a perfect home for birds and small omnivores. When and if a fire attempts to destroy a Coastal Redwood, its resilient root system keeps the tree standing while it repairs itself. Burned-out hollows of these Coastal Redwoods are referred to as "Chick-holes", where farmers near the forest would keep young taenish and garthooks safe from predators in the Redwood's pre-made room.
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Reproduction. The Coastal Redwood's primary system of reproduction is of seeds. The flowers bloom in the cold months, but as the coastal temperature is rather influxuating, it does not matter much. By the summer, the seed-cones have been fertilized and are mature, and they then are released by the parents for consumption as a means of travel, or perhaps planting.
secondary system is easier to implement and is much more effective - root burl growth: Trees have clusters of growth inside their roots. When these clusters become large enough, they will begin to grow into a small tree; sharing the same genetic makeup and root system as the parent. Essentially, the new-growing tree is just a very large branch. However it grows as if it was its own Redwood, it just happens to share the same root network as its parent. Many trees can grow this way; it is safer for the young trees, and a parent can benefit from the added nutrients.
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Myth/Lore. Legends once tell a story of a young Tethinrhim who was very proud of himself and his accomplishments. His cocky attitude was not well liked, however, and several of his tribemates sought to end his life. Upon discovering this, the arrogant Tethinrhim ran. His pursuers followed him. The frightened elf ran all the way to the sea. He realized that the game was up, and he dropped to his knees and prayed to the Goddess of the Soul Harvest that She would not collect his soul in a painful manner. Queprur was awed and amazed by this young warrior who chose to pray to her in his time of need. So She blessed the red-haired warrior by sparing his life and turned him into a Redwood. Return to the top

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