The Crimson Rose, also called "Assassin's Rose" or "Lady's Heart" is the symbol of the Kar'ii order of the Echiilianni and they are also the ones who mostly cultivate them. The Kar'ii use it as a vengeance symbol. When someoee receives one it means a certain action to be taken against him/her soon - maybe death, maybe worse...

A crimson rose

View picture in full size Picture description. The symbol of vengeance of the Kar'ii: an Assassin's Rose. Image by Seeker.

Appearance. The plant resembles the common rose except for its black stem, with a lot of black thorns. Its height is more or less than a fore. The Crimson Rose has 7 petals, 4 exteriors and 3 interiors, enveloping 5 black pistils (in the shape of a grape but a bit smaller). Those petals are rough and of a deep crimson color. It has no leaves and its scent is strong and sweet. Return to the top

The Crimson Rose can only be found at the Cyhalloi continent, spread all along the island of Guldor (however it was originated in the island of Dorolak). In spite of the extreme cold weather, the flower manages to survive. Sometimes it is seen to grow by the protection of a rock, deep within a cavern, or where the conditions are suitable. The Echiilianni build cottages where they cultivate tons of flowers, protecting them from the harsh weather.  
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The petals of the Crimson Rose are used as powder to make someone enter a deep sleep, in a positive and a negative sense. The powder may be put in a drink, food or just alone. However, a great amount or an overdose of this powder may lead to a never-ending sleep, followed by death if no remedy is induced on time. To counter its effects, an antidote is needed. The antidote is made with the stem and thorns of the rose. Extracting the sap of the stem and cutting the thorns you must boil both for half an hour. Also used in small portions to counter insomnia.

The pistils that give the rose the name of "Lady's Heart" (where all of Echiilan's hate and vengeance desire resides according to the myth), are eatable. They are sweet and the Echiilianni make a soft and energetic beverage from them.
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Reproduction. Each pistil functions as a seed. So when the Rose withers (after between 10 and 13 days), the pistils give birth to new Roses. Not all the times the 5 pistils form another Rose but the average is that 1 Rose gives birth to 4 new ones. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. The Crimson Rose originates from the orc island of Dorolak. The myth refers to the torture of Echiilan and her finally being thrown in a hole. Her blood was absorbed by the land and turned some rose plantation in a clearing of the pine tree forest where the hole was located. The fact is that when the orcs realized of this transformation, they started to fear and evade the place. After a few months and due to the fast reproduction of the flower, they realized it as a threat and their fear turned into anger. One stormy and windy night, a great amount of orcs, armed with huge sticks, started to hit the roses in order to destroy them all. Doing this, the petals aroused and started to float over the land, finally being transported by the wind to Guldor's island. That night is remembered as "The Crimson Night" by all the Kasumarii because the sky turned to this color. It's also said to be the day Lady Echiilan was reborn. The few roses and petals that were left in the island of Dorolak were burned with the orcish corpses that died, victims of the petals sleep effect. Return to the top

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