An interesting moss species which only grows on the northern side of particular types of trees. Such trees are found in the Auturian Woods, the Paelelon Forest, the Vale of the Brownies, and possibly other forested areas in this middle area of the Sarvonian Continent. The reasons for the moss only growing on the northern face of the trees is unknown, however it is suspected that this is because of the direction of the sun. The moss on the northern side is healthiest at the base of the tree, where the moss is most shadowed.

Appearance. Greenbark Moss looks somewhat like a fuzzy piece of string with small tendrils giving it a soft appearance and texture. As the plant ages, the colour of the moss deepens, when it finally matures, reaching its second century it begins to turn a shade of blue. It is named the Greenbark Moss ("Greenmoss" by Brownies) because once it has grown on the tree, the bark underneath turns green until the tree creates a new layer and then falls off when the tree naturally sheds the layer of bark. The moss clinging to the dead bark falls to the ground also. As bark generally falls in sections, this allows the moss enough time to grow over the new layer of bark; thus trees with a new moss plant will have patches of Greenbark Moss scattered about the northern facing side. It is uncommon but has happened that the entire tree (both northern and southern facing sides) has been covered with the moss. In such situations, the tree has always been completely shaded and receives no direct sunlight.
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Territory. Greenbark Moss only grows up to one ped from the ground level and often covers visible roots, especially on the Urban Tree in the Auturian Woods. The thickness of the moss depends on the age of the plant; as the moss ages past its second century, the green colour begins to shade into blue, although it still leaves a green stain on the bark if the moss is removed from the tree. Return to the top

Usages. The Greenbark Moss' main usage is by the LLaoihrr (Vale Brownies). They collect the moss from the trees, careful not to overharvest any particular tree, then dry it out for about five days. When the moss is dried they grind it into a powder and use that as the basis for most of their cooking. The Brownies of ancient Birn also used the moss in this way.

Other races also use the moss; however as it shrinks dramatically in the drying process its use is uneconomical. The amount needed to feed one human could also be used to feed well over a thousand Brownies.

When cultivated in a stable climate with dampness and filtered sunlight, the Greenbark Moss grows at its healthiest. Along with being high in fiber and complex carbohydrates, the Greenbark moss also has various nutrients in it. Oitei-uluh, the powered form of the Greenbark Moss, is the staple of the LLaoihrr Brownie diet, and is mixed with water and fermented fruit, then baked into bread.

The moss also has a 'hibernating' effect on some seeds. Along with this, the Greenbark moss can also on occasion help the seed to double in size. It is as yet unknown why this is the case.
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Reproduction. The moss grows at a fairly moderate rate, reaching its full productiveness when it reaches a half-century. It finds the warmer months of the year ideal for growing and in some cases, enjoys a damp climate, spreading approximately one thumb-width in a calendar month in average conditions.

The life span of the moss is rumoured to be several centuries. There is no known way to decide the "age" of the plant other than its colour. One elven mother cultured the moss onto an Urban Tree inside the Auturian Woods when she gave birth to her child. At least 600 years later the moss plant still grows in the same place. Where the moss is exactly in the Auturian Woods is now unknown, but it is believed to grow in the northern areas.
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