Appearance. Krakenweed is a weed that grows in still rivers, lakes and swamps, but not in the sea or highly salt water. The weed consists of two different types of tentacles. It has longer tentacles that are up to one fore and one palmspan and six nailsbreath long, one nailsbreath thick, has a red/brown colour and has got a bulb on the end. The bulb is usually approximately one nailsbreath wide, two to three nailsbreath long and one nailsbreath thick. It contains a poison which gives it a bit of a faint yellow colour. The second type of tentacles is around two palmspans and four nailsbreaths long, half a nailsbreath thick and has a green/brown colour.

Krakenweed feasts on the dissolved parts of decayed fish it has caught. It catches the fish by paralyzing and killing it with the poison it has in the bulbs on the longer tentacles. When the fish is dead, it is drawn into a net of the smaller tentacles. The smaller tentacles keep the fish until they can drain the dissolved parts of the fish. Furthermore the weed needs sunlight, so it won't grow in deep water. Even when there isn't enough fish, the weed will adapt itself to eating decayed plants.

As mentioned above, the weed can generate a poison to paralyze fish. This poison is strong enough to kill small and medium sized creatures when they are exposed to it. Larger creatures can survive an attack if they aren't paralyzed close to vital organs. The weed catches only small fish, but when it feels threatened, all the tentacles will try to paralyze to threat until it's gone.
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Territory. Krakenweed grows in lakes, rivers and swamps on the Sarvonian Continent, especially in the Mashdai river flowing through Marcogg. Krakenweed is also a very common sight at the Isle of Denilou, the Ashmarian Lands and North East Sarvonia. Because the plant needs sunlight, the weed only grows on shores or on the bottom of shallow rivers.
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Usages. The poison the weed generates can be extracted by harvesting the longer tentacles and cutting the poison bulbs open. Because of the poison, harvesting should be done very carefully. Wearing gloves or other protective gear is highly advised. When the longer tentacles are harvested, the weed will automatically grow new ones. So it is possible to harvest the whole weed, put it in a pond in your backyard, feed it regularly and harvest the tentacles now and then.

The poison of the Krakenweed is odourless and colourless and can therefore be used immediately and quite easily to poison food or drinks. The person who takes the poison in will die, because heart, lungs, stomach and other organs get paralysed. This process can take 1 to 30 blinks, depending on the amount of poison and the size of the victim. In any case it is quite lethal. No wonder that the poison was first discovered and used by the Templars of the Black Pearl, who immediately recognized its potential.
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Reproduction. The weed reproduces itself by creating a third type of tentacle. This tentacle has a green/red colour, is around one ped long and two nailsbreaths thick. This tentacle crawls along the shore or bottom of it's habit and searches for a good spot to grow. When the tentacle has found a good spot, it will create small barbed hooks, with which it can attach itself to the ground. As soon as the tentacle is attached, a new weed will start growing. The link between the two weeds will keep existing for 1 year and functions as a navel-string. Supplying the weed with food and energy, until it's large enough to catch its own fish. The weed needs 1 year to replenish itself after it has reproduced itself. So reproduction happens in two year cycles.
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