This tree is dedicated to Eyasha, Goddess of Peace and Unity, of Harmony, Tranquility and Contentment. Growing in large packs the Peace Pine requires sun, water and soil which is high in nurturance. Generally used to decorate during various times of the year.

Appearance. Having a variety of sizes the Peace Pine can range from 1 ped through to 30 and more peds in height depending on how long it is left to grow and the quality of the soil in which it grows. The general shape of the tree is a triangle with long branches at the bottom of the tree and shorter reaching ones at the top until it finally reaches a tip.

The leaves are more like moderately firm sticks which grow out from the branch stemming from the base of the tree. While the leaves are generally deep green with a healthy plant the trunk is deep brown, smelling distinctly like pine. It is an evergreen tree.
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Territory. Preferring but not requiring space, sun, water and good quality soil the Peace Tree can be found everywhere throughout Santharia. The best quality trees are produced near the Zeiphyrian Forests and the Auturian Woods. Also known to produce fantastic Peace Trees is the area just north of the Thaelon.
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Usages. Grown for making furniture and as fire wood the tree is also used to decorate when celebrating special occasions Such occasions are unspecified as each area, tribe or race celebrates different occasions at different times of the year, but mostly of course these occasions refer to Eyasha, Goddess of Peace.
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Myth/Lore. It is fabled that Eyasha, Goddess of Peace, planted the seed of the Peace Pine as a remembrance to the races on Av's E'rell, the Tree of Life, in hope that the tree would symbolise peace between the races during the "Age of Blood" (-822 b.S.-5 b.S.). There is no evidence which proves this theory.

Another theory is a twisted human story of elven myth, telling that Av Herself honoured Eyasha for all her good work and created the tree so that the races could celebrate with the peace which flows through the lands.

Some believe that the Peace Pine was, just like all the other plants, one that Jeyriall, Goddess of Harvest, created when the world still was young. Since then been "dubbed" by the humans the "Peace Tree", they use it as a symbol of celebration, which then flowed through to the other civilised races.
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