Appearance. A domesticated woody stemed plant, with glossy green leaves, grown for its beautiful large blooms. Most have rather pithy stems with thorns. The flowers are followed by brightly coloured false fruits called hips, which are fleshy receptacles formed from the stalk beneath the flower. The true fruits are the 'seeds' within. Flower colour varies from intense red and almost black to yellow and white; breeders have also just produced a deep blue rose. Most roses bloom through the Spring and early summer, though this varies according to type and location. Hips are produced in late summer and the seeds dispersed in autumn,

The Rose

View picture in full size Image Description. One of the most beautiful plants in Caelereth: the rose. Picture drawn by Enayla.

Aside from the typical rose there also exist other noteable varities, among them the Black Desert Rose or the so-called Wild Rose, which is a very poisonous plant. Return to the top

Territory. The Rose is a domestic plant and the rose has been bred with many slight adaptations to grow in most areas of Caelereth. They are very popular with human tribes, and there are few human cities that don't have roses.
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Usages. Few. The beautiful flower of the Rose, surrounded by the stem's sharp thorns have long been a sign of love and romance among humans. Roses have been cultivated on a large scale for their petals, which are used in scent manufacture, notably for Chonal, a scent from Milkengrad.
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Origins. Roses are a cultivated plants, and as such have a complicated history involving a number of wild species. They are closely related to rowans, the Black Desert Roses and the Wild Rose. The original Almatrar roses were bred by the Ahrhim elves. The Ahrhim shared the seeds with other elven tribes and with the humans around the Rimmers Ring. Humans then bred for what they wanted. Roses have been bred for increased flower size, scent and continuous flowering as well as a dwarf habit, leading to the variation to be found.
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