Appearance. The Tansia Bush is normally approximately one ped in height and a half a ped in width. Much of the width of this plant occurs at the upper half. The thick, cylindrical stalk is leafless for half its height. Then, halfway up, a profusion of thin branches stick out in a haphazard fashion. A light green multitude of small, spade shaped leaves form a thick vegetation at the head of this odd bush. Nestled in small numbers throughout this riot of branches and leaves are tan colored seed pods. Each pod contains four seeds, the husk of the pod is formed close to the seed, giving the pod a gently rolling appearance. Return to the top

Territory. The Tansia Bush is located within the Grasslands of Cahm'ha'dom. It is not widespread, or found in groups like many other plants. Rather, it is often found without another of its kind for at least a stral. The reason behind this has yet to be determined.

One of the reasons that it is thought that this plant is so rare is due to the fact that to reach full height of one ped takes twenty years. During these twenty years not a single seed is produced.
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Usages. This plant has no true usage in and of itself, however its seeds are highly coveted. The seeds, also known as Tansin seeds, are used in a long involved process which produces a holy oil. This oil is instrumental to the nobility and thus it is forbidden to harm a Tansia Bush.
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Myth/Lore. During the days of the old gods, when magic held sway upon the land, it is said that the Tansia Bush was not truly a bush; it was a tree. The Tansia Tree was enormous and grew profusely throughout the land. It was said that the rain which gave color to the nobility was transformed by falling through the leaves of the Tansia Tree. Then with the departing of the old gods and the loss of magic, the Tansia Tree shrunk into its current size. Though the magic dissipated, it is believed that some of the sacred rain remains captured between its leaves in the form of seeds.
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