The Ten-Ten bush (Thergerim Ten-Ten, "Strong-Strong") or “Milchplant” is a bush that grows on the rocky sides of the Zsharkanian Peaks in the centre of Nybelmar. It’s about a fore high and dark green, almost grey to the colour. It has leaves that are completely round and about a palmspan wide. The only creature that can eat them are the milch goats. The taste makes people vomit.

Appearance. Areas covered with Ten-Ten plants looks like grassy areas on the mountainsides. The plants grows close together and the leaves create a green artificial floor. The single Ten-Ten Plant looks more like a small tree, only a fore high.

The thin, dark green trunk grows straight up and from it even thinner, straight, green branches grow out. The branches grow a bit upwards and reaches about. When the plant is full grown it has about 10-12 branches, each with 15-25 leaves.

The leaves are green-grey, completely round and about a palmspan across. They grow directly off the branch and closely together.

Every spring the Ten-Ten gets its flowers. It grows out from a branch just like a leave. These flowers actually look more like five leaves stuck together than a flower. The flower has the same green color as the leaves, and looks like a small green rose. Inside the flowers the seeds are embedded. After three weeks the flower dies and goes dry. The dry flowers then are torn apart in the wind and carries the seeds away. The seeds are drop-shaped and have a light green color.
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Territory. Ten-Ten plants grow only on the sides of the Zsharkanian Peaks on the continent of Nybelmar. The plants growing on the northern part of the mountain-chain are usually larger and cover larger areas than the southern ones. This is because of the closeness to the sea that brings more rain. No successful attempt has yet been done to grow it elsewhere. The plants don’t seem to grown on any other rock than the Zsharkanian Peaks.
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Usages. The only creature that has some use of the plant are the milch goat. For the goat, the Ten-Ten is the primary food during most of the year. The milch goat only eats the leaves of the plant and leaves the thin trunk and branches.
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Reproduction. The Ten-Ten doesn’t share their genes with other plants. The reproduction is in a straight line from plant, to seed, to plant. This way a single seed can start an entire new colony without any other plants.

The plant reproduces itself by seeds that are spread with the leaves in the fall. The seed is big as a grain and flies away easily. Of the hundreds of seeds that fly away only a few land were they can grow and of them only one or two grow roots. During the first year they grow about a palmspan high.
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