Discovered by Murmillions in the southeastern forests of Nybelmar, this plant has become a minor export out of the Aca-Santerran Kingdom, and is usually traded and sold to nobility and royalty for its dental properties, and due to its rarity, is rather expensive.

Appearance. A small leafy plant, multiple pale leaves (about five or six) extending from the base of a single, thick stem, with small bristles at the end of each leaf. The plant stands about 1/2 a ped high, and the leaves are about half a ped long, and 2 palm-spans across at the farthest tip from the base, the tip nearest the base roughly a couple grain across. The lower leaves of a mature plant are often found lying on the ground due to their weight, while the upper leaves are supported off the ground by the lower, keeping them fresh and more readily available for use. Return to the top

Territory. Home of the Tooth Cabbage is the continent of
Nybelmar, the southeastern forests of the continent, and has begun to be farmed and grown in the fertile plains of Aca-Santerran. It grows best in sunny areas, so it is usually found in clearings or at the edge of the forest, and prefers a steady supply of water, so it can also be located by the edges of ponds or streams which are often exposed to sunlight. Return to the top

Usages. As the plant is inedible, usually causing great discomfort and indigestion when swallowed, its only use, when chewed, is as a mouth cleaner, as it has been known to remove yellow tooth stains, black rot, delay and even stop tooth decay, and perhaps its most prized use, get rid of bad breath, and as such, it is greatly prized by nobles, particularly young men and women, as only those with money can usually obtain it, unless they want to go and find some themselves.
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Reproduction. The seeds of the Tooth Cabbage may not germinate for years or without a suitable water supply, hence its lack of availability. This has made growing and farming it very difficult, and this is perhaps what makes up its expensive price (sometimes selling at one w'aer per leaf).
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