Specially crafted through magic and science the Áró'bejón Vine (Styrásh for "First Evergreen Wine") are what elven wine is made from. While there are many factors which effect the taste of the wine produced, this is a general overview of the Áró'bejón Vine.

The Bardavos Grapes

View picture in full size Image description. Lush but seedy, purple tint with pink bloom - the Bardavos grapes.  Picture drawn by Bard Judith.

Appearance. The Ár’ó'bejón Vine is cultured over the years to allow the residential areas to grow. The vine easily attaches itself to any surface using tine thin tendrils which produce a sticky substance also used as glue. The leaves have been commented on as being baby hearts. The berries grow in hand sized bunches. The size of the individual berries averages the size of a large pebble. However, some varieties of the Ár’ó'bejón Vine have larger berries. Return to the top

Territory. In general Ár’ó'bejón Vines will grow anywhere with regular rainfall. Some varieties are a little more particular when it comes to climate and soil needs. Although as a general overview of the Áró'bejón Vine, this is its only requirement.
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Both as a fruit off the vine and for making wine. It has in its original form no medical value whatsoever. The berries are used in cooking as well as the wine itself.

Hi'Cupa, an elven wine tester, called in to describe the wines as best as he possibly can has accumulated the following common varieties:

Myth/Lore. The Áró'bejón Vine was one of the many original plants dreamed by Avá. Through crafting and evolution the Áró'bejón Vine boasts many different varieties. Return to the top

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