The Dragonstorm is the name given to the devastation of the northern part of southern Sarvonia caused by the dragons of the Tandala Highlands at the beginning of the Age of Awakening (1650 b.S.).

The Dragonstorm
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Summary. In the year 1650 b.S. a huge flight of dragons crossed the mountains of the Tandala Highlands in the north of the Southern Sarvonian Continent on a quest to avenge the death of one of the famous Adamant Dragons, which were said to be invincible and immortal. The dragons laid waste to most of the plains and forests of the human realms at the Várdynnian region and besieged the city of Voldar which housed the hero who had killed the dragon Seargon the Eternal, Wengerim. In their rage the dragons almost completely destroyed the city and killed many of the civilians and noblemen, including Wengerim Dragonslayer. The dragons were finally driven back by the mysterious Year of Darkness, a year where the Injčrá, the Caelerethian sun, descended below the world for a whole year, and many humans and dragons were killed alike in the bitter cold. This time following the Dragonstorm is called the Várdynnian Atonement. Return to the top

Historical Background. It happened in the year 1655 b.S. that the fate of the region of Vardýnn for the upcoming years was defined by the stubborness of the human king Maengolth of the Erpheronian tribe. When the knight Wengerim proposed to marry his beautiful daughter, the lady Jenefra, who he had loved since childhood, Maengolth ordered the young man to prove his love to his daughter by slaying one of the dragons feared for destroying great parts of the lands. Desperately but weaponed with his undying love for Jenefra Wengerim set out to slay the dragon Seargon, an Adamant Dragon, which was said to be invincible and immortal. With tricks he was able to remove the adamant from the dragon’s forehead thus making the beast vulnerable. In the end Wengerim was even able to kill the dragon and returned home in victory to collect his deserved prize: his beloved Jenefra. And the Erpheronian king agreed, proud as he was with his soon to be son-in-law.

The Dragonstorm
View picture in full size Image description. An dragon attack on an Erpheronian fortress. Illustration by Max.

Jenefra and Wengerim were married, but unfortunately their marriage didn’t last for long. The dragons were now angered by the death of one of their species and decided to avenge this vile deed of human pride. And they did fly up gathering more and more of their kind. Flying south they crossed the mountains of the Tandala and descended upon the unprepared human kingdoms. Most of the mortals fled in awe to safer havens like the city of Voldar, capital of the region. Thus the dragons flew on to this city and when they arrived there the sun seemed to be darkened by their bodies, casting heavy shadows upon the people’s heads and hearts. The dragons attacked in all their fury and in standing in the first lines of defence Wengerim was killed in the attack, and with him many more of the city’s defenders. Day in day out the dragons besieged the city which was barely kept by the humans using sorcery to defend their town.

Finally Caein the youngest son of the Erpheronian ruler, made a secret pact with the most feared dragon Oldém'brey, promising he would kill his father in exchange for peace this would bring for his people. His lust for power over the kingdom indeed was this great that he sacrificed his own father for the throne. But as he did so and slew his father upon an altar at the tops of the Warnaka the treacherous dragon burned him to death when he returned to his folk with blooded hands. The citizens were now leaderless. Lady Jenefra being the closest family member was set on the throne but not all recognized her. The city was in chaos when there arrived a child named Katya Dragonseeker in Voldar. Seemingly a helpless girl a heroine lay within her and she not only helped defending the city, but also astonishing the dragon leader Ol’dém’bréy with her will fpr vengeance and brave fighting. For a short moment the destruction of the Voldarian Keep was turned away, but the dragons would not flee just by the hands of one girl.

The city High Council gathered and it was in the end decided to call the help of the priests of Foiros, God of the Sun. And the god heard their prayers and at dusk that day the sun was seen for the last time that year. A dark blanket was folded over the lands of Vardýnn and the rest of the world, and a cold wind took control of the air. It was freezing now without sunwarmth, and neither human nor dragon could resist or ignore it. The dragons were forced to return home and they left, but the Voldarians were barely able to survive as well in the upcoming months of hardship. Return to the top

The Leaving of Drafas. However, the people tried to live as best as possible and bit by bit the city was restored, but it would never resemble its former glory. But not everyone was happy with the turn of events. There were many who were marked for their lives by the Dragonstorm, and many who weren’t able to live in complete darkness. One of them was Drafas Tristin, a young talented soldier and part of the illustrous Elite Royal Guard of the Castle. After a few months living in darkness he decided to leave his country in search for a better home and light. With him went other citizens, their number is unsure.

But a band of travellers marched south and after months of travelling they reached the southermost point of the Sarvonian Continent, the Cape of Strata (elvish: "south"). There they saw the sun rise again: a year had passed. And at that place Drafas founded the town of Strata, a town, which even in more than a thousands years would still be accounted among the major trade ports in the southern provinces of the United Realms of Santharia. Return to the top

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