Legendary war of magically gifted people fought against each other. It is said to have taken place sometime between 9500-9000 b.S, in the Age of Silence. According to elven lore these people were chosen by the Gods with the only intent to destroy themselves.

The War of the Chosen
View picture in full size Image description. Depiction of a Chosen with god-like powers during the great wars taking place millenia ago. Many innocents lost their lives in the battles of these seemingly invincible magicians. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration by Quellion.

General. Many legends tell about the great wars the human sorcerers led against each other thousands of years ago. At this early time of the world of Caelereth the few people gifted with natural magical abilities (called "the Chosen") were also sovereigns of great parts of the world and many were warlords too. Most of these sorcerers shamelessly misused their powers, gathering evil creatures and masses of orcs around them and enslaved their human subjects. Several tyrannies dominated the lands of the Sarvonian continent at this time, although there were also a few magicians who tried to use their magic for the sake of their people and their rule was always intent on creating a thriving society. However, this endeavour shouldn't last too long.

The outbreak of the so-called War of the Chosen was only a matter of time: Black and white mages acumulated huge armies and began ferocious battles against each other to gain predomination of the known world. Terrible creatures were bred by magical means, among them Centoraurs, Griffons, Hellhounds as well as the horrible Mystrans, the beings of the shadow. Although there exist several reports of magical battles it is unknown how the War of the Chosen indeed ended. In fact it seems likely that none of the archmages survived after the last battle was fought or - a very probable theory according to latest researches - that the victorious, most powerful magician, Ma'asherom the Red, who went the dark path, found his death at the Colthoi temple in the metropolis of El'Darthar in a revolution against him started by his numerous subjects.

The Elven Myth. The War of the Chosen is also mentioned in Book II of the elven myths contained in the Cárpa'dosía as a war the Gods fought against each other using the Children of Avá only as pawns in their cosmological game. Following is a thorough summary of this famous piece of elven lore, written by the monk Khemlosh from the monastery in Caelum. It also includes a short introduction in other myths preceding the War of the Chosen so that the myth is better understandable:

"The Creation of Life. As with all myths they are mingled with reality. This elven myth is no different. According to the books of the Cárpa'dosía the High elven Goddess Avá the Beautiful dreamed the Dream of the creation of the world and all its consequences. In her Dream She created the Gods: the Gods of Wind, Eyasha, Grothar and Nehtor; the Gods of Earth, Arvins, Queprur and Urtengor; the Gods of Water, Baveras, Jeyriall and Seyella; and finally the Gods of Fire, Armeros, Etherus and Foiros.

In the Beginning the Gods walked the land, loved and even tried to teach the Children of Avá, the races She had created, the elves, dwarves, humans and orcs. These races would all gather under the Eu'reóll, the Tree of Life, from where they sprang and worship the wonder of life. Then one night as they were worshiping tragedy struck.

A bolt of lightning struck the Tree of Life and it was almost burned in half. As the leaves fell representing souls of life some burned, others formed wings and flew away. Avá couldn't stand the thought of the Tree of Life being burnt and so She hid it from the eyes of Her Children, and She Herself left the world which was created while She dreamed. Shocked, Her Children dispersed all over the land. It was at this time that the Gods began to notice an important difference between themselves and the Children. The Children were given the freedom of choice to choose their destiny, and they were not.

Rise and Fall of Fá'áv'cál'âr. The first Children who worshipped Avá as well as Her other half, Coór, who had caused the Tree of Life to burst in flames, were the elves. It was after the burning of the Tree and the dispersing of the races that the elves in time built an empire, which should restore the bliss they all had enjoyed at the Beginning of Time. This empire was called Fá'áv'cál'âr and its capital Fá'áv'darím. Now, in the Beginning the Gods had known nothing of the emotions that the Children had but as they walked the land and had form they began to behave like the Children with all of the good and bad that was in them including being jealous of the Children.

Finally a high priestess named Kásh'áv'talylá turned the elves away from the other Gods and caused much more jealousy among them than they had ever felt before. Coór let his shadow descend upon the other Gods and anchored the desire in their essence that the Children of Avá, especially the elves, needed to be punished. Using Armeros, the God of War, to initiate hatred among the other races towards the elves they attacked the elves. But these attacks only strenghthened the resolve of the elves that they were right in their actions and beliefs.

Kásh'áv'talylá continued to preach against the Gods. Finally the Goddess of the Scythe, Queprur, still being in human form, decapitated her for her blasphemy as She saw it and along with the God of the Sun, Foiros, and the God of Lightning, Grothar, they destroyed the famed elven empire Fá'áv'cál'âr and its capital Fá'áv'dárim. The Gods had hoped that with their empire dead the elves and the other races would die off, to their dismay they did not. The essence of life, the love given by the High Goddess to her Children, seemed to prevail. The Gods then left the world following Avá's example but carrying with them the emotions of the children.

Queprur's Revenge. It was during this time that the goddess Queprur fell in love with the God of War, Armeros, but He rejected Her for the Jeyriall, with whom he had already produced the Titans in the Beginning of the creation of the world. This rejection caused even more fighting amongst the Gods with some siding with Queprur and others with Jeyriall. With nothing like a woman scorned Queprur turned her anger to the Children of Avá.

So She raised up a blood thirsty elf named Av'ásh'aelía or as the human race called Her: the "Bone Queen". She would later become the ruler of the Shadow Elves, a race of elves that worshipped Coór solely. She was given much power and cunning in battle and she assaulted the other races especially the orcs and the humans. The Gods had hoped this atrocity would rally the other races to destroy Avá's first Children but it didn't.

Some elves did not disperse and stayed and began to worship Coór. The souvereign over His worshippers was Saban. However after Saban and his wife were killed by an an orcish attach Coór brought Av'ásh'aelía back from the south, where she now resided, to rule his elven followers, the Shadow Elves.

The War of the Chosen. The fightings and jealousies amongst the Gods split them into three groups. The Wind gods seeing the folly of the other Gods, went their way and decided that they would not interfere with the fate of the Children of Avá anymore. Though there is a rumor that they did once during the Battle of the Winds but this is not confirmed in they myth. It was also reported that during this battle one, who was "chosen" (see below) by the God Etherus named Eckra the Cruel died.

Queprur, being the most respected among the other Gods, along with Etherus, Arvins and Foiros joined together to once more attempt to extinguish Avá's Children with their celestial powers. Jeyriall, the arc rival of Queprur, joined forces with Baveras, her lover Armeros and Urtengor to thwart them. During the Council of War it was decided that each one would chose, one for each God, anyone from among Avá's Children to do their bidding.

These "Chosen Ones" would be given special powers by the Gods themselves the humans call "magic". These people were called Archmages or Warlords. They trained others in the art of magic and soon they gathered huge armies consisting of the Children of Avá and they also created creatures of mass destruction, yes, even called upon creatures of other worlds and demons of hell itself. This war would later on be named "The War of the Chosen."

Those "Chosen" who were selected by Queprur and her allies wore black therefore they were called the "Black Mages". Those selected by Jeyriall and her allies wore white as they represented the opposite of the Black Mages and therefore were called the "White Mages". The Gods' motive unbeknownest to even their followers was to have all of Avá's Children destroy themselves and this time they almost succeeded except for one Goddess's intervention, which came from Seyella. the Goddes of Destiny.

Seyella knowing all things that must come to pass knew that this war had to be stopped. She chose a Child with an elf as his father and a human female as his mother to be Her instrument and to bring about the end of this foolish war. He was called Méhan'Melór in the elvish tongue, but his mother just called him Ethan. She died shortly after giving him birth. It was reported that she had been raped by Saban and because of his half-breed status was left to die.

Seyella had pity on him and chose him to be her special ward. He was given powers that exceeded those of all the other Chosen. Ethan created a tower joined with the world itself and named it Nalgsahg (which in the Dragon tongue is translated with "to be" or "to exist"). Dragon language is the most powerful language for magic and he was taught it by a rare Shapeshifting Dragon that Seyella had selected for his support. It is reported that this dragon has helped all of Seyella's wizards of Nalgsahg even to this day. Ethan named him Capher meaning "saw-faire" because he was helped by Seyella to see the future.

It is not recorded how Ethan stopped the war but his last battle was with an Archmage known as Ma'asherom the Red, the one chosen by the God Foiros. He was named this way because of his red beard, thirst for blood and being "touched" by the sun god.

By most accounts it seems that Ethan lost the battle. But Ma'asherom the Red was bereft of his magics after the fight that when he returned home in his temple at Colthoi his subjects revolted, and being powerless, was killed.

The many legends that surround this last battle is told by bards all over the world even to this day and they all differ considerably. One legend tells of a dragon taking Ethan off the battle field and carrying him away. Others tell of someone looking like Ethan walking into the Etherial Void never to be seen by mortal beings again. And even others tell of Ethan returning to his tower to fulfill his destiny to help an innocent youth, Eyrin Fontramonn, at defeating Saban Blackcloak the Móh'rónn - but this is another story."

-- Khemlosh: "Of our Origins. An Overview on ancient myths", p. 56 ff.

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