This is the story of the young Katya, a girl who witnesses death and destruction in the historical Dragonstorm. In order to avenge her father's death she sets out to accomplish the impossible, an idea which is burnt deeply in her juvenile mind: killing the adamant-dragon Ol'dem'brey. Ridiculed by many but endowed with extraordinary abilities, Katya the Dragonseeker, sets out to fulfill her destiny. - But will she succeed in her endeavour?

The Tale of Katya Dragonseeker

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I: Fire Rain 9 Download text Read introduction Read text
II: The Thaelon 15 Download text Read introduction Read text
III: Siege 25 Download text Read introduction Read text
IV: Winter's End 6 Download text Read introduction Read text
V: Dragon Dawn 24 Download text Read introduction Read text
VI: Of Maids, Queens and Heroes 16 Download text Read introduction Read text
VII: The Queen of Shadows 29 Download text Read introduction Read text
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Chapter I: Fire Rain
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It is a time of conflict and war, where sons kill fathers for kingship, for power. And it is a time when the great dragons of yore still roam the lands. Ordinary Katya Illeri has lived most of her young life within the small village of Yarrow. Like most girls her age, Katya dreams of adventure and excitement but have resigned herself to helping her father tend his tavern instead. Though bitter conflict rages around them, Yarrow remains relatively unscathed by the turmoil sweeping through. - Until now.

For the killing of the adamant-dragon, Seargon, by the human, Wengerim, had set astride an inexorable chain of events that will culminate in a rain of destruction and fire upon the defenseless lands. The Age of Awakening has begun. Return to the top


Chapter II: The Thaelon
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Devastated by the loss of her home when the dragons carried out their horrendous revenge for the killing of one of their own kind, Katya now wanders on the brink of madness. Scarred and wounded, the young girl swears vengeance in kind towards the adamant-dragon who murdered her father and friends.

Blinded by her pain, she stumbles onto the boundaries of the ancient Thaelon, a forest where the Astyrhim, oldest of the elven tribes, dwells.  Guided by the enigmatic High Avá'ránn, the human girl sets out on a painful path of self-discovery and redemption, vindication and vengeance. Return to the top


Chapter III: Siege
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The proud city of Voldar is beautiful no more. It is here where the mad Caein first plotted to kill his own father and in succeeding, he signed his life and soul away. And it is here where Jenefra, Queen now that her father, brother and husband are dead, resists the constant assault of the dragons laying siege upon the city and its inhabitants.

Katya's search for the adamant-dragon that destroyed her home leads her to the beleaguered city. Though met with initial hostility and suspicion, she is befriended by Lysander Dain. A soldier and son to the Voldarian Captain of the Guards, Lysander senses that the girl is not all what she appears to be. - But will Katya's presence bring about much needed salvation for Voldar or its complete annihilation?
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Chapter IV: Winter's End
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The priests of Foiros had prayed for salvation from the Dragonstorm, when the dragons had laid unceasing destruction upon the realm, and their capricious God answered. The price for deliverance: an unending darkness where nothing could grow and beasts, including the dragons, slowly perished.

Foiros has answered but in return for His grace, the people are faced with starvation, famine and disease. Nevertheless, in the face of flickering hope, even the longest and darkest winter must end eventually. Return to the top


Chapter V: Dragon Dawn
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The Vardýnnian Atonement where no light shone has finally ended. Voldar has begun its renewal with the coming of spring. Katya Ileri too has entered into the first bloom of womanhood. Yet, despite new friends and a home, she cannot forget the oath she has sworn to avenge her father's death. Rumors that a few dragons still remain alive despite the year of darkness only fuel her desire for vengeance.

Watching over her is Lysander Dain, whose growing love for Katya is viewed with approval by some and jealousy by others. Meanwhile, the beautiful Queen Jenefra maneuvers the ever-treacherous intrigues of her court to secure a throne tainted by betrayal and bloodshed. Aided by her trusted advisers, she struggles to rebuild a realm that is weakened by war and siege.

Unknowing to them, a new evil is arising in the wake of an old. A monstrous evil that threatens to consume all and herald a gruesome dragon dawn. Return to the top


Chapter VI: Of Maids, Queens and Heroes
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Though most of the dragons have perished after the year of the darkness, their malignant spirits remain, fusing themselves with those who possess a seed of evil within their souls. These unholy hybrids have bided their time and now they have awakened to terrorize the realm, leaving only death in their wake.

The tenuous peace established by Jenefra threatens to break and she faces a double threat as dissidents around her eyes the Erpheronian seat of power. Aided by the Astyrhim elves, Katya and Lysander leaves Voldar on a perilous journey in search of a mythical weapon that can destroy the near invulnerable dragon-changed. A weapon guarded by someone even more dangerous than the dragon hybrids: The legendary Bone Queen, fanatical and eternal ruler of a shadow world. Return to the top


Chapter VII: The Queen of Shadows
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Katya Ileri and Lysander Dain have reached the seaport town of Olddon in the hopes of securing a passage across the Aelyvian Sea. Their only chance of reaching the lair of the Queen of Shadows in time to save Voldar from a deadly peril lies with crossing this sea which is notorious for its treacherous waters and weather.

However, among the cutthroat world of smugglers and pirates, there is no honour among thieves, as the two soon discover. Worse, Katya finds herself haunted by terrible memories that threaten her very sanity. Ghosts from the past that will not rest easy even after death are slowly driving her into an abyss where nothing and no one can save her once there. Return to the top


Katya Dragonseeker Appendices
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In order to facilitate the reading experience of the comprehensive Katya Dragonseeker story, the Appendices help you to find your way around in the plot. The Appendices provide you with a character list of all characters being part of the story, plus a detailed time table displaying the events of the life of the main character, Katya Ileri Dain, the little unknown girl from the small village of Yarrow, who should become the most famous Erpheronian Queen. Return to the top

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