The Tale of Katya Dragonseeker   
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Introduction. In order to facilitate the reading experience of the comprehensive Katya Dragonseeker story, the Appendices help you to find your way around in the plot. The Appendices provide you with a character list of all characters being part of the story, plus a detailed time table displaying the events of the life of the main character, Katya Ileri Dain, the little unknown girl from the small village of Yarrow, who should become the most famous Erpheronian Queen.

(listed alphabetically)

AERLICHT HRUTH. Head of House Hruth and member of the Voldarian Council. Plotted to take over as Sovereign of the Erpheronians and enlisted some of the weaker members of the Council in his many schemes.

AMALTHEA EITHAR. Head of House Eithar and member of the Voldarian Ruling Council. A formidable and highly-capable woman. Mentor to Jenefra and later, to Katya when she became the Erpheronian Sovereign. Aunt to Drafas and Gerwon Tristin. She never re-married after her husband and child died during the plague years. [read more]

CALE PERIM. A Ximaxian wizard and secret advisor to Jenefra. Short, stocky and of an odd sense of humor, Cale later became the Archmagus of Ximax. Is intrigued by Katya and her mysterious elven-touched gifts.

DEK. A carpenter who met Ar’leiná and her companion Melór briefly when the two elves arrived in Voldar.

ENNIDE. A maid of Thyrrinths Hold during Jenefra’s short reign and later Mistress of the East Wing when Katya Illeri ascended the Erpheronian seat. A good friend and confidante to Katya who had rescued her from a brutal beating instigated by Linn Terolude when she was a servant in Linn's house. And because of this act on Katya’s part, Ennide faithfully offered a lifetime’s worth of steadfast service to her new Queen.

Mother of Katya. A lovely and frail woman who passed away shortly after giving birth to her daughter.

JARAT LOTHARI. Son of Nikos and Karliss. Suspected of matricide but was never proven. Lusted after Katya Ileri but the latter more than adequately defended her honor against him. Died during the first wave of the Soul Robbery.

JENEFRA. Queen of the Erpheronians for a short time after her father and brother’s deaths. Reputed to be the most beautiful human woman born of her time. She married Wengerim, the Dragonslayer, and after his death, remained a widow for the rest of her days. [read more]

KARLISS LOTHARI. Daughter of Santwin Lothari and wife to Nikos. Drowned in a boat accident and was suspected of being murdered by her son although no actual proof of this heinous deed was ever found.

Ruler of Voldar and of the Erpheronian tribe during the Age of Awakening, succeeding the short reign of Queen Jenefra. Known sometimes as Katya Dragonseeker or among her enemies as the Beggar Queen due to the fact that she was not born of noble stock but was a village girl by birth though her father was once the Captain of the Voldarian Guards. In her youth she was rumored to have killed the adamant-dragon, Ol'dem'brey.

Married to Lysander Dain and bore a son with him, Malakai, who became King after her abdication upon her husband’s death. [read more]

KEL BRANOC. Head of House Branoc and a fearsome warrior. One of Jenefra’s closest and staunchest supporters. Good friends with Amalthea Eithar and Vaelaron Dain. Thinks of Katya Ileri as an unofficial niece.

LINN TEROLUDE. Niece to Preya Arkaisa. Though beautiful, her nature was spoilt, amoral and thoughtlessly cruel. One of the first humans to succumb to the Soul Robbery during the first wave of attacks and subsequently died by Katya’s hands.

LYSANDER DAIN. Captain of the Guards of Voldar and husband to Katya Ileri. Son of Vaelaron Dain. Lysander distinguished himself many times in battle during the bleak years following the Vardýnnian Atonement and also successfully fought off the subsequent Dragonknights uprisings who sought to seize control of Voldar and overthrow Katya's rule.

Also famed for his brilliant battle tactics, many of which are still employed by leaders and mages in different wars through the Ages.

MEDOC ILERI. Father of Katya Ileri. Captain of the Guards during Maengolth’s reign. He retired to the small village of Yarrow with his wife and baby daughter where he opened a tavern called ‘The One-Armed Soldier’. Was killed during the Dragonstorm. [read more]

MEREGIN. Personal maid to Katya Ileri and Mistress of the South Wing in Thyrrinths Hold. A motherly sort who fusses tirelessly over her lady.

NIKOS LOTHARI. Head of House Lothari though he was not of the Lothari bloodline. He became Head by virtue of marriage to Karliss Lothari, daughter of Santwin Lothari who was then Head of the House. Died during the first wave of the Soul Robbery.

TRIOAN SELLUS. Head of House Sellus and member of the Voldar Council. An unassuming man in appearance but the unexceptional demeanor hides one of the most fiercely brilliant minds of Caelereth during the Age of Awakening. Also possesses a photographic memory. Supports Jenefra and helped to thwart most of Aerlicht's schemes.

VAELARON DAIN. Father of Lysander Dain and previous Captain of the Guards. A gruff, blunt soldier, happier wielding a sword in a battle, than debating Council matters in a small-enclosed room. Trusted counselor to Queen Jenefra. Was killed during an attack by the Dark Order of the Dragonknights. [read more] Return to the top

(listed alphabetically)

ARLEINÁ. A beautiful flame-haired elf maid of the Tethinrhim tribe but who stayed within the confines of the Thaelon for love of Melór, though it is an unrequited affection. Friend to Katya Ileri. [read more]

HIGH AVÁ'RÁNN. – Most revered among her people and first of the elves to tread upon the earth of the newly made world. She showed a young Katya a vision of Avá whilst the latter was under her protection within the Thaelon. Of the Astyrhim tribe, the High Avá'ránn is bound for eternity, or until Avá destroys the Dream, as the Keeper of Eu'reóll, the Tree of Life. [read more]

An Elf-Lord whose name means "shadow" in the common Tharian tongue. He resides in the woodland realm of the Thaelon and is kin to the High Avá'ránn. Healed the grievously burned Katya, when she stumbled into the boundaries of the Thaelon. Later journeyed to Voldar to warn Jenefra of the impending Soul Robbery. [read more] Return to the top

(listed alphabetically)

OL'DEM'BREY. – The adamant-dragon who led the Dragonstorm and rained fire down upon Katya’s village, leaving her the only survivor and bent on vengence against the beast. Ol'dem'brey also killed Caein when the human prince sacrificed his father, Maengolth, in an attempt to seize power by trying to make a bargain with the adamant-dragon.

Was wounded during the seige of Voldar by Katya when she flung her father’s sword into its great eye. Its whereabouts are now unknown after the Atonement years. Return to the top




1664 b.S.

Katya Ileri is born

1650 b.S.

The Destruction of Yarrow
During the Dragonstorm, the adamant-dragon, Ol'dem'brey, rains fire upon the village of Yarrow, killing almost everyone. Katya Ileri is the only survivor. Badly wounded, she wanders into the ancient forest of the Thaelon. The light elves of Thaelon then find her and heal her injuries.

Seige on Voldar
After the killing of Caein, the dragons lay siege upon the city of Voldar, trapping its citizens within. The death-toll reaches to thousands as those trapped die horribly from dragon-fire.

Katya Ileri departs from the Thaelon for Voldar to find the identity of the dragon who killed her father. In Voldar, she meets Lysander Dain and the Lady Jenefra who expresses curiosity on how the girl managed to breach the siege of the dragons and entered the city.

At the highest battlement of Thyrrinths Hold, Katya confronts Ol'dem'brey and wounds the great beast when she flungs Medoc's sword into one of its eye. The adamant-dragon then withdraws the other dragons and the siege upon Voldar ends. Katya vows to find Ol'dem'brey's lair and avenge her father's death.

1648 b.S.

The Time of Changing
First attack by those afflicted from the Vardýnnian Soul Robbery or, as the elves called them, the dalá’guóur. The assault takes place during a banquet given by Queen Jenefra. Those changed includ Linn Terolude, Nikos and Jarat Lothari. These unholy meldings of human and
dragon are killed by Katya Ileri through her elven-bestowed gifts.

However, as the months pass, the intensity of the Changing increases, creating much panic and fear among the Erpheronians as the attacks continue.

Katya Ileri and Lysander Dain leave Voldar in an attempt to locate the feared Bone Queen of the Water Marshes for she alone may hold the key to stop the Vardýnnian Soul Robbery.

1646 b.S.

Katya Dain becomes Erpheronian Queen
Queen Jenefra abdicates in favor of
Katya Ileri. Many oppose this move for Katya is of humble birth and thus, is argued that she is not fit to become Sovereign. However, with the help of formidable allies such as Amalthea Eithar, Kel Branoc, Vaelaron and Lysander Dain, Trioan Sellus, and the rumor that Katya had killed Ol'dem'brey, the young village girl from Yarrow ascends the highest seat of power within the Erpheronians.

1644 b.S.

Katya's Marriage
Queen Katya marries her Captain of the Guards, Lysander Dain. The marriage celebrations last for ten days with much rejoicing.

1639 b.S.

The Dark Order of the Dragonknights
Those dalá’guóur who escaped the scourging ordered by Queen Jenefra and later follow through by Katya Ileri when she becomes Sovereign, found the Dark Order of the Dragonknights. Seven years into Katya's reign, the Dark Order launches a first attack upon Voldar.

Throughout the succeeding years, the Prince Consort, Lysander Dain, manages to repel such intermittent attacks and eventually even drives the Dragonknights to the Tandala Mountains.

After which, the Erpheronians enjoy many long years of peace and prosperity under Katya Ileri's rule.

1593 b.S.

The Leaving of Katya
Prince Consort Lysander passed away and after his funeral, Katya abdicates in favor to her only son and walks out of the gates of Voldar, towards the direction of the Thaelon, and is never seen again.

However, persistent rumors or tales among the Erpheronians say that when the people's need is great enough,
Katya Ileri will appear once more to bring deliverance. Return to the top


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