Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations   
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Introduction. The following story was found in a letter among the possessions of a long standing patron of the Compendium in New-Santhala when she passed away. The letter seemed to be from one Kendric Treggar to an unknown recipient and held the story below as it has been recorded (almost word for word, with the execption of a few spots where scribes made changes to the wording) retelling one of his stories as he had preformed it. While many doubt that the tale is true, odder things have been known to happen then to have a young man run into a dragon with a tale or two to share and time to tell them. Either way this story of a dragon's greed and the reason behind the sparkling of the sea has become a rather well known childrens tale throughout Southern Sarvonia.


he youth’s eyes grew wide as I told him I’d once met a dragon who told me a tale older than he, which is saying a lot, about a creature like himself whose greed was greater than a world of gold.

"Tell me, tell me … please," the youth cried with excitement, adding in the last bit after receiving a stern look from his mother as he tugged at the sleeve of my shirt.

"All right," I replied, my tone suggesting that his pleading had broken through my resistance.

I looked around, exaggerating the movement of each muscle as I slowly leaned closer, beckoned him with the slightest move, and whispered in a conspiring tone.

"We must be quiet though," I cautioned him, "dragon tales aren’t told to just anyone."

His eyes grew wide once again and he nodded silently, leaning closer to hear my tale. I began as is traditional for any tale-teller of merit.

"Many ages past within a massive hollow mountain lived an ancient golden dragon, who had begun his life at the beginning of time. Throughout the years he collected his treasure, taking gold and silver in any form by force or by fear. Tales of the dragon's greed and mighty trove of treasures spread throughout the years as he sleep upon his bed of gold during the day and terrorized those people near him by night.

"It wasn't for many, many years that anyone had attempted approach the dragon's lair. At that point the greedy golden dragon had amassed enough wealth to feed the largest kingdom for at least five years. The hungry thief entered, thinking to grab just a handful of gold so that he might live out his life in comforts. At once he laid eyes upon the massive dragon, sleeping atop a mountain of gold. A shaking hand reached out and plucked two coins from the pile.

"As the thief turned to leave, the pile shifted and the dragon awoke from his slumber, catching the burglar in his golden gaze. The man froze and in that moment the dragon's head shot forward and the two golden coins fell back into the pile as they beast devoured the thief.

"Enraged that someone would seek to steal his horded wealth from him, the dragon opened up his massive mouth and let out a cloud of red flames that engulfed the treasure."

At this point I paused, biting down on a red pellet and wire contraption I had attached to one of my teeth earlier. My head spun for a moment as the cloud of red smoke released into my mouth. A moment later I opened my mouth and blew out, the smoke forming a red cloud in the air that made the boy gasp in shock. Remaining tendrils of smoke streamed from between parted lips as I continued my tale.

"The gold and silver melted together to form one massive monument almost bigger than the dragon itself. Satisfied that thieves would not be able to steal the riches he had spent his life acquiring he curled up amongst the odd lumps of gold and silver, shifting several times to get comfortable. The last attempt caused him to slip off this throne and onto the stone floor of the cave.

"Aggravated, he pushed the now worthless lump towards the mouth of his cave. He struggled for the better part of the day, but in the end he was able to expel the monstrosity from his home.

"The Gods had been watching the dragon throughout the years, and as punishment for his greed they turned the mountain of treasure that had been welded together by the dragon's flames back into individual pieces. All the gold and silver coins, cutlery, and trinkets fell into the sea as the dragon watched in despair."

"But what happened to the gold and silver?" the youth asked.

I grinned as I heard the question that was sure to be asked. Little children always loved the treasure most.

"The currents of the sea carried it off to all corners of the world," I told him. "And that is why the sea sparkles."

"You shouldn't tell children such lies," scolded the mother, who had worked as a sailor for most of her life.

I looked up at the woman with a confident grin on my face.

"Ah, but how then do you suppose it happened?" I asked innocently, not waiting for an answer before continuing. "The seas were created long before you and I walked this land and the shimmering waters have always been so. If not by the means of a dragon's greed then pray tell what other spectacular event could cause such a sight.

"While I do not doubt your knowledge and wisdom," I went on, rather smugly, "I do doubt you have had the pleasure of conversing with dragons."

The last phrase accompanied by the last tendrils of red smoke that curled around the words like the knowing grin on my face.

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