Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations   
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Introduction. If you ever wondered why there are so many stars littering the night sky and where they originate, well, then this little poem is just right for you. Let's learn about the stars then, about dreams, the mill behind the hills and the mysterious miller operating it...


""Grandma?" – "Yes, my dear?"
"What are they, the stars?"
the little girl wanted to know,
when she gazed into the night
and saw the skies all aglow.

"Well, I'll tell you what they are!"
she was told. "Now, little one, listen:
A star is far away, yet glistens,
for it is nothing but a dream,
a yearning you so dearly hold,
a silent hope or a goal supreme,
aye, wishes can be manifold!
My dear, if your want is strong
it so will be written in the sky,
a star you’ll help to come along

delighting many a wond’ring eye."

"Oh grandma, say, what happens
with my wish, once it's a star?"

"Well, dear," her grandma went on,
"it's there to be looked at from afar,
something to sweeten your sleep,
to make your rest sound and deep.
Aye, for a star shapes what you are,
it shines to guide you on your ways,
it's there to follow and to steer by,
it bathes all things in brilliant glaze.
My child, you're not the only one
– just look up and you’ll see why!

Trust me, each and every one
secretly has his own nightly sun
– so many hang a wish up high!"

“But grandma...” – “What is it now?”
“How then does a wish come true?”

“Oh,” the girl’s nanny then replied,
“if you set your mind to it, pursue
your heartfelt dream and do not tire.
All it takes is resolve, steadfast will,
belief in the power of your desire!
The rest is up to the magical mill,
it'll catch a star’s all sparkling fire...
You see, my dear, behind the hills,
shielded by life’s gloomiest mire
forces are at work that help fulfill
towards whatever you aspire!"

The Dream Mill

View picture in full size Image description. The Dream Mill.
Picture drawn by Morjer.

"The magical mill behind the hills?
What happens there? Pray, say!"

"Well, a special miller is in charge,
who operates the giant wheel
and its purpose – by and large –
is to seal your wish's deal.
For with the wheel's every turn
closer, closer all those stars he draws…
Thus some dreams he'll make return,
according to his mill's dreamy laws.
Others though now have to disappear
for not all are meant to be back here.
He'll pick one dream, just for you,
it will suffice to rejoice, be merry.
That one indeed will come true,
to be delivered by a lovely fairy."

"Oh, oh, I'll make many wishes then,
so that the miller has lots to do,
can turn his wheel again and again
and whatever I wish gets through!"
the little girl suddenly hatched a plan.

But "Did you not hear me?"
she was reminded by her nan.
"Little one, choosing is the key,
so choose, because you can!
Dreams for sure you’ve got many,
but each of them is as good as any
if you cannot yourself decide
which ones you can live without
which shall serve as your guide
– for only some will come about!

Dear, it’s not as simple as it seems,
the miller won't just pick at will!
Fate is woven by our dreams
and passion’s feeding the mill.
Many stars brighten the night,
however, you only need a few!
Watch them, don’t lose sight,
collect the dream made for you!
Sweetheart, do you understand?”

The girl nodded as she
looked up to the sky.
"Yes grandma," she said.
"The miller needs my help,
and from now on I will try!"

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