This page contains various poems, songs and chants of the dwarven race, which are representative of certain clans or the dwarven race in general. Also collected here are prayers which are typical for the Thergerim.

by Victhorin

Original Thergerim.
!TyrHthom Kor
Kagoz Oey Kor Mezaroonerons
Ave Pragoz Oeu Mez Ong
Oeu Ong Arilerons

Literal Translation.
City-Head Great!
Give Me Great Chests of Gold
Take My Golden Heart
My Heart Gems

Great Head of the City!
Give me a great fortune
Then take my golden soul
The gems of my heart.

Kavogerim CLAN CHANT
by Bard Judith

(as sung by the desert dwarves of Nybelmar, and roughly translated by a sacrilegous Perennese minstrel who was later unfortunately lost in an orc raid when his caravan was attacked from the rear...)

Hunyeh HthomEh, Hunyeh HthomEh,
Hear your servants loyal now,
MineLord hear us, MineLord hear us,
On these burning sands.

Hunyeh HthomEh, Hunyeh HthomEh,
Three tasks did You give us here,
MineLord gave us, MineLord gave us,
Under Injeh’s eye.

Hunyeh HthomEh, Hunyeh HthomEh,
Orcs to slaughter, Orcs to slay.
MineLord aid us, MineLord aid us,
With our blooded hands.

Hunyeh HthomEh, Hunyeh HthomEh,
Water finding in the sand.
MineLord feed us, MineLord feed us,
In these caverns dry.

"Although the rest of the Kavogerim practices are not known in detail, it is believed that they must complete three rituals in life, and repeat them as many times as possible to attain credit with Hunyeh Hthom; the slaughter of an Orc, the digging of a well, and the faithful completion of a service (such as a caravan brought safely to its destination). This suspicion is reinforced with a saying that merchants claim to have heard at times from their dwarven guards: 'Green blood, clean water, gold hands... these three a Nybermargerim make' [...]"

from the authoritative reference tome "Of the Stone Folk", by Sage Alkemus of Bardavos

Poems written by various team members