Accumulated on this page you can find poems of happiness
and merriment, odes to joy and hope, poems to soothe pain and hardship the soul suffers from. The lyrics you can find here will give you a glimpse of the realms of bliss, where recovering and recreation reign. Reading through these poems you can find here will give you contentment and will help you to leave your troubles behind and enjoy the day:)


The following is a song about a member of the Butterfly Rovers, the famous Rover Nancy, to whom many a song is dedicated: A figure moves out confidentally, stands in front of you all, nods politely to the musicians and as they strike up the melody, he waits for the appropriate moment to start singing. He can surely be no more than 14 years of age, and his voice is definitely in the tenor range.

When I was just a little bitty boy just finished crawlin' on all fours,
I used to sneak into Rover Nancy's Carriage for an hour or maybe more,
She was visited by nobles and peasants as well as merchants, some with bald heads
They paid her silverbards, and tried to keep pace with Nancy in her big carriage bed.

It was three peds high and two peds wide and soft as a newborn lamb
Blankets and pillows on an extra strong plank, 'twas shakin' but I didn't give a damn
I lay in the dark, a watchin' and a listenin' as clothes got flung and ripped
Didn't get much sleep, but I sure learned heaps watching 'em on Nancy's carriage bed.

After dinner we'd sit around the fire talk about our lives as Rovers too
Some would practice or mend or teach, we'd even tell a fortune for you
I'd sit and listen and watch the fire but then without turnin' my head
I'd know that Nancy was with a man in the middle of her big carriage bed


Now I love to sing and I love to act, I quite like being an acrobat too,
I've tried my hand at painting and drawing, I've been to a tavern or two,
But in years to come, when I'm old enough, to be truthful, it must be said,
I'd trade 'em all in the blink of an eye to be with Nancy in her big carriage bed

[CHORUS x 2]


(A song for weddings and births from the Kuglimz lands.
When sung to celebrate a birth, the word "love" may be replaced by "child".)

The world is different now
Though still the seasons run,

The world is different now
But bright still shines the sun.

And yet the world will never be the same
For today my love, into my heart, you came.

The world is different now
Though boys grow into men,

The world is different now
Yet we ride forth again.

And yet the world will never be the same
For today my love, into my heart, you came.

The world is different now
Though girls to women turn,

The world is different now
Yet lessons still we learn.

And yet the world will never be the same
For today my love, into my heart, you came.

"Kuglimz Love Song", composed and performed by Bard Judith, lyrics by Alysse
Format: MP3, Length: 1:46. Original Santharian Work
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by Chronusian

How times have flown
And worlds have grown -
The breath of life has blown.

New life awaits
Beyond the gates
Of worlds that are unknown.

The age is new,
The time is true,
Give honor where it's due -

To Time itself,
And growth and health
And perseverance too!

So fill ye all
This wond'rous hall -
Prepare then for the ball!

To growth we sing,
Let song take wing,
Now answer to my call!

by Amuwen

(Song as sung at the beginning of the season of spring
honoring Jeyriall, Goddess of Harvest.)

Spring has come!
Spring has come!
Listen as the bird rejoices!
Spring has come!
Spring has come!
Let 's upraise our voices!
Let 's thank the mighty Jeyriall
and praise the glorious Goddess
For all new life She gives to us
We'll sing Her praise in chorus

Spring has come

View picture in full size Picture drawn by Eratin.

Spring has come!
Spring has come!
Lift your hands and join us!
Spring has Come!
Spring has Come!
Let's upraise our voices
We thank the beautiful Jeyriall
and praise the bountiful Goddess
For everything She gives to us
We Sing her praise in chorus

by Chronusian

Birds sing atop a lofty perch
Upon an oak, a baych, a birch,
And when their singing is complete
I play the tune so soft and sweet.

And when I have my lute today
I'll tune it up, and start to play
Those sweet and soft birds' melodies
From the green crowns atop the trees.

A blushed horizon lends me grace
Her reddened, mellow, golden face,
And when her face I cannot see
I play her song to comfort me.

And when I have my lyre today
I'll string it taut and start to play
The oath to her I place on high
She sleeps upon the western sky.

The people call for peace of mind
To leave all woes and strife behind,
And when their humble call is heard
I'll calm them with a soothing word.

And when my mirthful soul takes wing
I clear my throat and start to sing
All troubles then are swept away
And I know all is good today.

Bard Judith

(Composer or Bard unknown - see Master Tribell’s Collection of Verses.
Spelling has been updated to contemporary usage although the title has been left in the original.)


Oh, the wren she is a pretty bird,
Singing high as she flies,
She tells of good tidings,
And never she lies.

On a tree in the forest,
There the wren builds her nest,
Of twigs spare and dainty,
And down from her breast.


All the birds in the forest
Brag their feathers so fair,
Yet the wren in her grey coat
Lifts light on the air.


Though the lark may lift higher
And the eagle’s more strong,
The wren small and dainty
Persists in her song.

Oh the wren she is a lovely bird,
And she sings as she flies,
She brings us good tidings,
And never she lies,
And never she lies.


by Rayne Avalotus

I want to wake in a shell
Beside the ocean blue,
To stretch my silver wings
Then bathe in morning dew.

I want to ride a unicorn
Through a garden bright with flowers,
To dance to the music of the rain
In a light spring shower.

I want to open my arms
Spread my wings and fly,
To greet the bountiful morn
By chasing clouds across the sky.

View picture in full size Picture drawn by Fiorellina.


by Rayne Avalotus

(This song is widely known among farmers and agricultural town and villages
 attributed to the harvest time. It probably originated around the Aerellian Lakes
since that's the most common play that people can view the Ceruwing,
the butterfly mentioned in the last stanza.)

Celebrate, all ye happy folk,
The shortening of the days
And the golden color of the grass
That our cattle graze.
Ripe and bounteous are the crops
Our fields, all year, have grown.
Large have become the plants,
In spring, whose seeds we’d sown.

Celebrate, all ye healthy neighbors,
Though winter’s soon to dawn.
Fruitful field supply the food
To last ‘till snow has gone.
Fear not the urmarilion leaves
Or autumn sun’s cold gleam,
For though the plants are dying now
The summer was lush and green.

Celebrate all ye prosperous friends:
Let the children dance and sing.
Soon let us sit and feast
On the resolution of the spring.
Bring your choirs and instruments
And let music fill the sky.
The cold cannot chill our spirits
Our spirits fly too high!

Celebrate all ye joyous people
At the Ceruwing’s return.
The eve’s color through the heaven
Makes the sky so seem to burn.
Pass around the wealth, friends
And pass around the rum
Bless Jeyriall’s generosity
- the harvest time has come!

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