Fitch, an ordinary apprentice scribe at Voldar, breaches the forbidden walls of the Temple of Seyella, the Goddess of Destiny, in an attempt to steal a blue rose for the butcher's beautiful daughter. He fails and is instead rescued by a mysterious young woman who wears a blindfold around her eyes. Despite his initial wariness, Fitch befriends the strange but lonely Nehmar, but it will take a cruel betrayal by one of them to make both realise that friendship can sometimes forge bonds strong enough to break the chains of destined fate.


(listed alphabetically)

EIAE. - Son of the richest spice trader in Voldar. Bullied Fitch mercilessly when they were young boys and rivals in love for Lylyian.

– Scribe who resided in Voldar during the early years of the Age of Change. Orphaned at a young age when both his parents died of an infectious sickness. An old friend of the family, Joure, then adopted Fitch and also apprenticed him to the scribe trade. Foremost linguistic expert on the ancient elven language of Styrásh in his time.

JOURE. - An old scribe who took in the orphaned Fitch when his parents died. Gentle in words and nature, and has a great love for his work, he became a second father to Fitch.

LYLYIAN. - The butcher's daughter and an extremely pretty girl with more assets than intelligence. Infatuated with her, Fitch stole into Seyella's temple one night to pluck a blue rose and gain her favour. She eventually married Eiae and had ten children with him.

NEHMAR. – Chosen Avatar of Seyella and sightless since young as all of Seyella’s Voices were blinded to establish a closer connection to the Goddess.

SEYEL SERDIOR. – Daughter of Fitch and Nehmar. A sweet-tempered and clever child who continued her father’s work in deciphering the long-lost language of ancient Styrásh when she came of age. Will live long enough to witness the ascension of Santhros to the Santharian throne in her lifetime.

SEYELLA. Santharian Goddess of Destiny and Time. Seyella is one of the three Gods dedicated to the element of Water, which also represents the uncertainty in the flow of time. The first month of the Santharian Calendar, the Month of the
Turning Star (Córt'Ometrá in the elvish tongue) is dedicated to Seyella solely. From the Beginning of Time She is said to know everything which happened in the past, happens at the moment at any location in the whole world and what will happen and the future. Therefore Seyella is often also refered to as the Goddess of Time, Being and Becoming.

Alas, though a God, Seyella was unaware of Coór's dark machinations in the world. And so when Eu'reóll, the Tree of Life, suddenly caught fire out of nowhere, She is said to have stood close to it and in the flames She suddenly saw the real picture of reality, a picture on which - though existent in her being - She hadn't looked at before. And the intensity of the flames kindled by the Shadow Himself hurt the Goddesses vision and so She turned blind.

From this moment on the Goddess covers Her eyes with a blindfold, and it is said that if it would be missing one would only see the horror of Coór reflecting in these eyes and not the bright, delighted glance Seyella once used to have. The Goddess still knows all things - origin, becoming and returning of the world to the beginning -, but shocked by the view of the Burning Tree She has no need to see them anymore.

SEYELLA'S VOICE. – The Voice of Seyella is also Her chosen avatar through whom the Goddess instills Her grace and love upon. Through the Voice, Seyella is able to reach out and touch her worshippers in a physical form. Once a year, in the Month of the Turning Star, and on Seyella’s Festival Day, worshippers would throng to the Great Temple where they would gather to hear, a Goddess’s song and words through the mortal mouth of Her avatar.

A new Voice is chosen upon the passing of the old through auguries divined by Seyella’s priestesses. Voices have always been a woman and the auguries have showed no preference for rank or position when cast. Avatars through the Ages have been queens, princesses, and highborn ladies, daughters of merchants or traders or even female bastard children of lowly prostitutes.

Once chosen, the babe is at once taken away by the priestesses and reared in utter seclusion in the inner halls of Seyella’s temple to avoid contamination from the outside world for such a divine being. To create a deeper connection with the Goddess so that their senses are attuned to only Seyella’s voice, the avatars are invariably blinded.

A Voice is always blessed or cursed with the knowledge of the exact day and time of her death, though not how it comes about.

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