The Korweynite religion - as it is written down in the "Aseya" (the "Book of Heaven") - is one of the most widespread religions in Nybelmar practiced by most people of the Korweyn Empire as well as by various other tribes. The writings of Aseya are based on various cults that seem to reach back even beyond the dark age of Menemronn, however the oldest written texts date back to 4.200 b.S. - written by a scholar known by the name of Erindár from Kormendale. In two books, "The Prophecy of Helón" and "The Everlasting War" he summarizes the myths and legends that form the basis of this cult known as Aseya today. Contained in this book we also find the creation myth, on which the Aseyan belief is based.


n the beginning there was only Inthadín, the never-ending sky, and He was floating over a barren desert. But as the time grew, He felt pity for this gray waste and so He sent His divine breath to bring change in that desert. Thus sixteen beings were awakened from their eternal sleep and began to turn the wastes into a mirror of the glorious sky, to create the blessed lands of Helón. The sixteen creator gods formed oceans and rivers and mountains, fertile plains and dense forests, and they blew life and beauty in all the plants and beasts that they created.

But as Inthadín, Lord of the Skies, saw Helón becoming a mirror of his eternal realm, the skies becoming a mirror of the earth, he also sensed a great unrest growing below. Bothú, the Sleeping God rose from deep beneath the world as he saw the earth, his silent bed for eons, being changed by the will of Inthadín. He destroyed Helón and corrupted the Gods, cursing Inthadín, his counterpart in all things, for disturbing the peaceful balance they had maintained for eons. For in Bothu's mind the skies and the Earth must be separated for eternity.

However, Inthadín again felt pity for His great masterwork and so He decided to fight for Helón: a shining example that the sky and the earth might be united one day. Thus, willing to face Bothú, His foe and His nemesis, He sent two of His children, Thiát and Calderón, to heal the wounds that Bothú and His dark kin had slashed into Helón. Whenever Calderón returns in the skies Thiát is here to act in his place.

And as they saw the destructions that maimed what was already completed they sparked the thirst for Helón in all good beings. And so the elves, the humans, the dwarves and all other races rose above the condition of simple animals, helping the Gods since then in their eternal struggle. Enraged by this challenge though, Bothú used this very first to corrupt the races just like he corrupted the Creator Gods, thus the struggle continued but not only on the vast battlefields, but also in the very heart of any being of this world.

And since then Calderón, the Great Hunter of the skies, challenges Bothú and His dark breed in all places, as Thiát, the Great Healer and preserver of things, struggles to rebuild what had been destroyed, tending for those that came too close to the battle of the great Gods.

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