Below are a few carefully selected excerpts from the "Dread Lords Tomes", a series of mind numbingly huge texts of unknown origins that bare several rather unusual qualities, chief among these is the fact that the texts are written not in one but many languages and lettering systems and that the author(s) switch between them without any desernable pattern. Sometimes the languages change from one to another in mid sentence, this making the translation process a little fuzzy at best. Much of the text translated passages appear to be complete nonsense, while other sections seem to have a deep meaning that seems to vibrate within the soul of the reader. It is still a matter to discern among the sages what the tomes indeed are all about.

Book I, page 1, paragraph 2

"Upon my deaths bed I lay as I write this text of fear and joy, dreaming of days when I shall live again. And the unborn children of ages to come shall find order from chaos and chaos from order. But perhaps all is not as hopeless as is told by those born to days that should not have been."

Book III, page 21, paragraph 3

"There, here, are they. The twelve that were and are being, but here is not the one who [spawned?] the worlds that we live not in as we do... run must we? or... no. The rabbits work hard many days of this our [destiny?] and our labor. Rise you shall from death and fear not, of these that shall come into being within the [soul?] of the ancestrial plane that we inhabit not in this out time but in the past and days that shall be, and days that shall not be, as well as days the should not be?"

Blood stained note found between pages 527, and 528 of the 3rd book

"Iron demons of cold flame guarding eleven doors within 13 pathways into darkness and hallways that dwell within the living stone here upon the gates of eternity..."

[Note becomes unreadable due to smudgeing of the ink and several large stains, and burn marks]

Book IV, page 777, paragraph 2

"Tomorrow I have seen visions of yesterday. And I am not afraid of that which has been seen within sightless eyes, the vale of death [burns?] with the stench of yellow trees. But lost is all that will be and only that which... many years ago we shall be what we became tomorrow this day that will be upon the dwellings of the many that stand apon the gate of [infinity?]"

Book IV, page 1.098.887 (final page), final paragraph

"As the wheels of the world carode in the heat of decay we must ask ourselves, where are monsters in dreams? And as we awaken from the illusion within an illusion within greater illusions we can only look in awe upon the ordered chaos of this our world, while finding ourselves searching for the mysteries of further worlds and the outer most rings of a continued circle that we in our foolish child-like desperation call reality, while a greater essence beyond the comprehension of any who fail to open the 3rd door and step into..."

[Text ends mysteriously. However, there are several blank pages located behind this one, indicating that it is possible that there was more that needs to have been written.]

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