The School of Earth Magic (along with the Fire, Water and Wind Schools) represents one of the four Elemental Schools of Magic taught in the Magical Academy if Ximax in western Santharia. It should be noted that, like the other Schools of Magic, the Spheres and Spell Classes associated with the element of Earth, are not definite, but rather accepted Ximaxian categorizations.

In its most basic form, Earth Magic is associated with stability in people and things, heightening or lessening a desire for change. Earth is noted to be unique in its symbiosis between life, for which it provides a stable base, and death, that which ends all motion in a creature. It should, however, be noted that Earth Magic, like the other three schools, can only cause death indirectly because “true” death is the result of the severing of the Xeuá in the cár’áll that supports life.

Description. Stone, soil, metal, bone and gems are the primary physical embodiments of Earth, though the element is also often wrongly thought to be associated with the life produced from the soil, namely plants. These things, however, while enriched by “Mother Earth”, fall under the domain of the other elements; their movement, wind, growth, water; and life, fire. Alternatively, Earth’s dominion extends over properties associated with its physical manifestations such as, but not limited to; solidity, permanence, rigidity, as well as those that are considered spiritual; numbness, obstinacy, stability, strength, consistency, all of which are submissive to its direct influence. On an abstract level, the School’s bounds seem limitless, forestalling even death.

An adage taught to all novices commencing their studies, “Earth changes for no one,” embodies the spirit of the element. Earth is noted for its intense desire for permanence, or wanting to keep physical things as they are, unmoved or changed by the passage of time or the disturbances of things. As a result, most spells done by Earth mages receive a “glaze of permanence,” even when Sphere I used. Once the element is in place, it will attempt to remain there, resisting reversion or further change. This necessary patience and willpower cause the element of Earth to deem one of the most difficult Schools taught at the Academy of Ximax.

Perhaps the greatest misconception linked with
Earth is its association with death. Earth’s permanence, to an untrained mind, is considered to be causing death, the permanent end to life, but, like other elements, any influence is indirect. By Ximaxian definition, death is the permanent severing or altering of the certain configuration of links within the cár’áll that provide life. Therefore, it is correct to assume that death by earth is permanent, but no more so than through the use of other Ximaxian Schools; by causing the cár’áll to naturally fall apart by altering the links. For example, an Earth mage could cause such sickness in a person that they neither eat nor drink and thus wither to death. The spell accomplishes its goal not by a permanent break of the Xeuá, but by overcoming the will of another so that they themselves end up causing their own demise.

Because Earth mages are thought to wield magnificent power, they have often been and commonly were feared. It was thought, up until the late 700’s, that Earth mages could converse with spirits or make the dead rise again, both of which fall under the dominion of other elements (wind and fire respectively). An Earth mage can only take away the motion of something, not give it unmonitored life or activity.

Recent experimentation, though formally discouraged by the Archmagi, has proven some Earthen influence in arts considered to be necromantic, in particular skeletons. As bone, which provides the stable support on which the human body is constructed, is made predominantly of Earth ounía, its manipulation falls within the dominion of Earth School. While unable to provide the animation attainable through the use of Fire, through careful micromanagement, a talented Earthen Necromancer has the ability to move a single skeleton in a manner similar to the physical manipulation of stone or metal.

As mentioned previously, Earth magic is an extraordinarily difficult field to study, leaving large uncertainties in its theory, and as such, is considered to be the rarest of the four Schools of Elemental Magic. Earth mages were initially and still are predominantly dwarves, who thus are few. However, dwarves have and probably always will be the best Earth mages, noted for their innate skill with shaping metal, a feat considered dreadfully difficult by other races. The knowledge they have released to the general populace of Ximax is noted for its high value and makes up for most public texts on the element; however, it is suspected that the most precious and powerful knowledge still lies hidden within the minds of the great dwarven magi.
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Spheres of Earth Magic. Like at all other Elemental Schools, there exist three Spheres in order to categorize the School of Earth Magic:

I. The Sphere of Solidity
The Solidity Sphere is the primary Sphere in the Element of Earth and deals primarily with the basic fluctuations in the influence of the element, making things that were soft or weak into something stronger and harder, ect. Though slightly more difficult, the Sphere can reciprocate these effects, though the converse is always to a lesser extent. At slightly higher levels (2+), these principles can be applied on a spiritual level, granting a person unnatural strength, fortitude or stubbornness. Once mastered, magi of Earth are able to expand their influence, allowing them to be able to work with objects that contain progressively lower concentrations of Earth ounía (ex. water into ice) .

II. The Sphere of Inertia
Also called the “Stationary Sphere” or the “Sphere of Immobility,” the Sphere of Inertia requires the mage to work directly with the Earth ounía, providing limited motion to physical earth or concentrating its effects. While slightly less useful, the Sphere of Inertia is also able to halt the movement of ounía and on a spiritual level, provide abilities such as making those who are energetic, sloth-like, or providing those with active emotions a more stoic view.

III. The Sphere of Permanence
Though all spells have a said “glaze of permanence”, the spells of this sphere are tailored to be so. They tend to involve assessing something and changing it for permanence, to make it more unchanging or completely unchangeable. The spells in this sphere do include those of ending the motion of life, but also deal with warding; keeping something from changing or interacting with something else.
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Spell Classification. Every Sphere within a School of Magic is subdivided into two Spell Classes, the first embodying the physical aspects of the element and the later the spiritual.

The Spell Classes of the Earth Magic School can be summarized as follows (a few example spells and a summary are provided at each Class):

Reagents. A short list of possibilities includes the following: Bone, stones, rock, clay, diamond and other precious stones, ash, water, metal, quartz, figurines, silkstone. Return to the top

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