One of the more generic Sphere III spells found in the Earth school, Solidify permanently increases the influence of Earth over a specified target, imbuing it with renewed strength and durability by drawing on the element’s property of hardness. While in theory any object or being could be solidified, the constancy of the spell’s effects greatly limits its practical applications, restricting it to being used predominantly in the refortification of damaged weapons and buildings.

Spell Effect. When successfully cast, Solidify imbues the target with unnatural strength, repairing from the damaging effects of time and overuse. Drawing upon elemental Earth’s properties of hardness and durability, this spell uses Sphere III techniques to permanently increase the influence these qualities display upon the physical form of a target.

Speaking more technically, the spell permanently alters the metastate, a link’s desire to be either passive or active, of the xeuá bonds surrounding the Earth ounia in the target’s cár’áll to soor. Alternatively, it is also possible for a mage to increase Earth’s properties by inserting additional ounia of the element, drawn from a reagent or the target’s environment, into an object’s cár’áll, Through these two actions, the mage not only ensures that the Earth already within the target is given physical representation, but also increases the overall prevalence of the element within the target. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. After having established the mental concentration and physical proximity to the target required to successfully cast Solidify, the mage must focus intently on the car’all of the object he wishes to fortify. Once this state has been achieved, he or she must first alter the state of the xeuá links that connect the Earth ounia of the target, permanently changing them from the passive state of ahm to that of soor.

Should the mage desire to further harden his target, he or she must insert additional Earth ounia into the cár’áll of their target. Drawing these ounia from a foreign object, most commonly a reagent such as a lump of clay or stone, the caster must then implant each oun into the target’s cár’áll, increasing the element’s overall influence on the object. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Still to be defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Solidify is most commonly cast upon weapons, tools and buildings severely weakened as a result of overuse though a number of instances have been documented in which the spell has been cast successfully on other objects, such as bone or wood. Though possible in theory, research in the casting of the spell over the flesh of living targets has been banned by the Academy of Ximax because of the unpredictable side-effects the subject could experience as a result of such drastic tinkering with the delicate balance of their cár’áll. Return to the top

Reagents. Though none are required, many magi find it useful to keep a lump of stone, clay, metal or bone close at hand when casting the spell over targets containing little Earth to serve as a source from which ounia can be drawn. Return to the top

Spell Class. Physical Representation of Sphere III (Permanence), Finalization. Return to the top

Range. In order to successfully complete the casting of Solidify, a mage must remain within relatively close proximity to the object he or she is reinforcing. Though the distances vary from caster to caster, those first practicing with the spell often require physical contact with their target while an Archmage might be able to complete the incantation from a ped or two away. Return to the top

Casting Time. A demonstration of some of the most complex techniques available to elemental magi, Solidify can take anywhere from five to ten minutes to cast successfully. Indirectly correlated to the quantity of Earth found within the target, casting time dramatically increases when ounia are inserted from a foreign source and often requires several successions of the spell to achieve the desired results. Return to the top

Duration. Like all Sphere III spells, changes imparted by Solidify permanently alter the cár’áll by changing the meta-state of the links between the ounia and by adding additional ounia to the cár’áll of the target. It should be noted, however, that objects reinforced by the spell are still subject to the wear and tear of time and thus can be slowly withered away. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Regardless of a mage’s skill and familiarity with Solidify, the spell’s effects can always be heightened by multiple castings over the same target. By using the spell in a series the mage is able to integrate more Earth ounia drawn from outside sources into the car’all of the target and alter a greater number of links than he or she is able to in a single casting, therein by strengthening the cumulative effect of the spell.

Since Solidify employs such complex magic, directly removing the renewed hardness the spell imbues an object with requires equally as difficult magic. Thus, only magi capable of using the third Sphere are able to permanently reverse its effects by either releasing the Earth ounia added to the target’s cár’áll or altering the amount or state of the Wind, Water and Fire ounia to offset the greatly increased influence of Earth.

It has also been found that using Sphere I and Sphere II techniques when coupled with an external damaging force upon the targeted object can re-create the state of ruin the item was in before Solidify was cast. Using spells of these two disciplines to temporarily weaken the entity, any blow that strikes it will cause severe damage that remains even after the deterioration spell has been released. Return to the top

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