The School of Fire Magic, along with the Earth, Water and Wind Schools represents one of the four Elemental Schools of Magic taught in the Magical Academy of Ximax in western Santharia. Note that the Schools of Magic, their Spheres and Spell Classes, do not represent an objective "truth" on all things magical, but are only one of many possible categorizations, an arbitrary one as critics say, or an absolutely essential one as supporters confirm.

Within the Elemental Schools, the Fire School overall mainly tends to deal with the emotional and aggressive side of things, such as love, hatred, fear, willpower, and domination. Spells are generally within the range of a balance of physical and spiritual properties - Fire Magic does not generally lean too heavily into either the physical or spiritual side. Those who are unable to remain in the control of their emotions and actively demonstrate chaotic behaviour are known to level faster than others, however, those who are in such states of mind generally have more of a disarray of spell casting, rather than being able to keep their spells under control.

A Fire Mage

View picture in full size Picture description. An advanced fire mage casting the offensive spell "Rays of Heat". Image drawn by Quellion.

Description. Fire is not all chaos and destruction, as many seem to believe, for the great powers of love also stem forth from this element. Passion, the inner fire of an individual, burns within the heart of the soul, and when enraged to the point of a wildfire, is all but impossible to stop. Whether this be in the name of good or evil, however, is "in the eye of the beholder".

However, Fire Magic is more commonly known to deal with the state of destruction. This does not necessarily mean ending something's existence, but also bringing torment or chaos to it. Fire can burn to extraordinary proportions, and cause great terror and death before it is stopped, however, it must have a source; it must have something to fuel its existence, otherwise it may be snuffed out. Also, Fire has a tendency to burn its own self out, which is a reason why orcs (who are said to have developed from this element according to Cárpa'dosían myth) have not dominated the planet, despite their many numbers and ferocious battle techniques, they constantly wage war upon others and themselves, never giving time to grow and become powerful, but just being a nuisance upon others.

Those that control Fire Magic find it a difficult task that is hard to accomplish, let alone master. The forces under use by these gifted magi are the most dangerous to behold, but the most chaotic to wield. Even the most careful mage can find himself in the midst of his own diabolical fizzle. For a Fire Magic fizzle is a perilous thing; it may attempt to destroy its own source. Return to the top

Spheres of Fire Magic. Like at all other Elemental Schools, there exist three Spheres in order to categorize the School of Fire Magic:

I. The Sphere of Incandescence
The first sphere is commonly known as the Sphere of Incandescence, and deals with temperature of both touch and heart. For example, heat can both rise and fall, though of course a mage who concentrates on increasing the properties of Fire is warned to do so gradually, in order to maintain control. Incandescence manipulates the intensity of flame upon a target, and by enough concentration, can even melt stone, or make the most callous of individuals swoon like a fool over an attractive mate.

II. The Sphere of Ignition
The second sphere is commonly referred to as the Sphere of Ignition. This sphere mainly deals with reallocating the ounía within a targeted cár’áll, while Sphere I can only temporarily bend cár’áll. Because the cár’áll is reorganized opposed to just bent, this results in a more stable and permanent effect within the targeted cár’áll compared to Sphere I spells, as the latter are only shifting elemental balance in a certain direction for a short period of time. Technically the change is still temporary - unless energy has been released already to manipulate something else permanently through the spell. Cár’áll manipulated through Sphere II casting will restore itself once the mage has stopped casting, however, it will happen slowly and very unpredictable as the effects will gradually diminish instead of instantly as what is the case with Sphere I. As a result, Sphere II is capable of creating much stronger spells and sometimes even permanent indirect effects (for example setting an object on fire through a Fireball spell).

III. The Sphere of Percineration
The third sphere is commonly referred to as the Sphere of Percineration, and this sphere deals with adding and removing the fire ounia in a cár’áll. This is agreed to be the most dangerous field of magic thought in the Ximaxian Academy and magi are advised to be extremely careful when researching. Although it has several spells of its own, the most common - and least dangerous - way of using this sphere is to reinforce already known Sphere I and II spells, making them more powerful and accurate. A more disturbing application of this sphere is found in animating the dead or non-living objects, by granting them once again or anew with the Fires of life. This is of course highly illegal and banned from the Academy.

A spell that is made up out from a combination of Sphere I and II effects is also located under this Sphere, even when they do not remove or add ounía.
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Spell Classification. Like at all other Elemental Schools, there exist three Spheres in order to categorize the School of Fire. Every Sphere within an Elemental School is subdivided into two Spell Classes, resulting in a total of six Spell Classes, as there exist three Spheres at each School of Magic. The first Spell Class always signifies the physical representation of the Sphere, while the second Spell Class stands for the spiritual representation of the Sphere.

The Spell Classes of the Fire Magic School can be summarized as follows (a few example spells are provided at each Class):

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Age of Silence

ca. 9000 b.S. The War of the Chosen
The Chosen of Foiros, Ma'asherom the Red, wields most of the apocalyptic spells of the Fire Element; later, the three Books of Ending are stolen from his tower's wreckage, along with a few of the tomes of the Chosen currently residing in the High Library of Ximax.
ca. 9000 b.S.
- 2100 b.S.
Fire Magic becomes Orcish Domain
Save for a few isolated and shunned human battle wizards, Fire Magic falls to orcish shamans, who more often than not were killed when their own powers backfired on them, an example of the well-known "fizzle" effect. But the more orcish shamans concentrate on Fire Magic as a useful means within their society the more proficient they became in it, not only with instrumentalizing the this kind of magic in everyday life, but as well on the battlefield.

Age of Myths

2100 b.S. Forming of the Orcish Society of Enlightenment
Orcish Society of Enlightenment is formed by a group of disgruntled shamans; this cabal of orcish fire magi represents the first concentration of truly powerful Fire Magic since the time of Ma'asherom the Red.
2019 b.S. Founding of Ximax
Ximax, town of mages, is founded. Society Leader Gral the Powerful is instrumental in creating the Red Ward and is the first to suggest the city be used as a sorcerous haven. The Red Tower becomes the first Tower of Fire Magic in seven thousand years.

Age of Awakening

1649 b.S. The Vardýnnian Atonement
Vardýnnian clerics of Foiros work what is generally acknowledged as the greatest spell ever cast; the Atonement. High Priest Pyrimatros sacrifices his own life in the casting, begging for help of the Gods to save mankind from the wrath of the Dragonstorm. Arguably, Pyrimatros wise to do so, judging by the year of darkness that followed, which caused the death of many dragons.
822 b.S.
- 50 b.S.
Increased Use of Fire Magic
Fire Magic enjoys increased popularity, as the violent Sarvonian Wars make the deadly sphere a powerful and well-paying choice.
630 b.S. Refounding of Ximax
Ximax is refounded after the Fall of 733; Volkek-Oshra survivors are instrumental in helping the Archmagi Bluestride and Stargaze rebuild the Academy.
1 a.S.
- now
Fir Magic falls from Favour
Fire Magic gradually falls from favor, but the spellbooks of ages past remain in the libraries of Ximax, should a need for them arise again.
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