One of the most basic spells of the Fire Element, Flame Control serves to bring the caster or the target into a state of greater affinity towards the element of Fire. This opens the pathway for more potent magical effects to take root. This is one of the first spells learned by a Fire Mage, and, as such, can naturally be performed on a whim once the caster has mastered it. Flame Control is merely a gateway to the many series of other spells depending on what the caster hopes to accomplish: absorb the Fire, destroy the Fire, make the Fire grow. The possibilities are literally endless, all depending on what the caster's intentions are.

Flame Control over all has one real intention and that is to give the caster control over any certain amount of Fire cár'áll that he wishes, making this spell's power endless and immense if done by a skilled enough mage with enough cár'áll available to him.

Spell Effect. Flame Control ultimately produces a very simplistic effect. It simply embraces the very nature of Sphere 1, causing the element of Fire to become more dominant within a target. Fire ounía are intensified, and the target takes on more properties of the element of Fire, such as growing warmer to the touch, perhaps taking more aggressive qualities, and so on.

At higher levels, around II or III, the mage can use this ability on a global level, increasing temperature and the traits of Fire in the area around him. As the spell has often become ingrained by these levels, this effect almost certainly forms around a Fire Mage when they begin casting their spells—the air grows warmer, perhaps even slightly blurred, and so on, aiding in the casting of complex spells by making the Fire ounía more prominent and thus easier to focus on.

Some magi keep this effect around them at all times, though this is often disturbing to the people around them.
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Casting Procedure.
The mage focuses on the Fire ounía in a target, which can be himself, another person, or even a global area at higher levels. Once focus has been attained, the mage concentrates on increasing the intensity of the Fire ounía, bringing them to the forefront beyond any other element. In general, the Fire Mage does not necessarily draw on any single property of Fire, as that would complicate the spell beyond what a learning student is able to manage.

Focus must be maintained to keep the effect lingering, but this focus is fairly light and most level II and above magi can maintain it on instinct. By level III or IV, Fire Magi are often able to cast this spell by a simple fleeting thought.
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Magical Formula.
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The target may be any object the caster wishes. At first training, usually only a single target is concentrated on, but once the mage becomes more familiar with the spell, multiple targets or even everything in a local area can be affected. Return to the top

Any object that generates a natural warmth aid with this spell. Torches, naturally warm areas, burning stones, and similar materials are most often utilized. Return to the top

Spell Class.
Sphere I, Pyrification (Physical Representation of the Fire School). Return to the top

At first level, touch is required. As level increases, the range, obviously, also increases, generally several peds at level II, and up to a dash or two at the most advanced levels. Return to the top

Casting Time.
Anywhere from a half-minute or minute at first level, and quickly increasing to only blinks as the student advances. Return to the top

As long as the mage focuses. Only light concentration is needed, and many learned magi of levels III or IV and higher can keep this up indefinitely on basic sub-conscious instinct. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
Naturally warm areas will obviously enhance this spell, as will multiple Fire Magi concentrating on performing the effect at once.

Similar spells exist from the other elements, so the natural countermeasure is obviously a competing ability from other magi, such as Area of Frost from the Water school. One of the more important aspects of a mage duel is controlling the field of battle - the one who can win control of the environment by making their element dominant is often at a great advantage.
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