When cast upon a living being or animal, the spell Boiling Blood affects the target's heart, muscles and blood in a few ways - the heart will pump faster sending blood coursing through the body at an increased rate. This affects the target's muscles giving the target increased stamina and strength. This spell can be used for a quick boost before a fight, to aid in a quick escape from danger or to simply gain an added increase in energy for general purposes.

Spell Effect. When the Boiling Blood spell is cast, the target experiences an increase in heart rate, blood flow and muscle stimulation. To do this, the caster must first affect the heart and will it to pump faster and harder in order to increase the flow of blood to the body.

The caster focuses on the spiritual side of Fire of the target's heart; particularly the property of animation. Using Sphere I techniques, the caster must increase the influence of this property, strengthening the will of the heart to work harder. When this occurs, the blood begins to flow throughout the body at a faster rate, especially to the muscles. Again, by focusing and increasing the spiritual side of Fire within the target's muscles, the caster wills the muscles, along with the increased blood flow, to give the target a boost in strength and stamina.

A possible negative by-effect of the the Boiling Blood spell is that the target will experience a certain tiredness after the effects of the manipulated heart, muscles and blood wears off. The level of fatigue is determined by the overall physical shape that the target is in and the caster's level of skill: the higher the spell level of the caster, and the more physically fit the target, the less the target will experience fatigue afterwards. The reason for this is that a higher level caster has better control over the target's heart and can slow the heart down slowly thereby eliminating the sudden drop in energy.
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Casting Procedure.
In order to perform the spell, the caster is required to have direct contact with the target. Usually, the caster touches the target's neck in order to have a more direct line to the body's artery. In most cases, the focus time required to cast the spell takes up to half a minute. The caster then focuses on increasing the influence of the animation property within the target's heart, causing the heart to quicken its rate of beats thus allowing the blood to flow easily to the muscles.

Once this has been achieved, the caster then focuses on the muscles, concentrating on performing the same increase. By strengthening the property of animation, the muscles begin to work harder and faster, and, with the increased supply of blood allowing greater energy to support them, are able to perform at magnitudes far greater than their natural physical state would allow. Return to the top

Magical Formula.
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Boiling Blood can be cast on any living being possessing a heart, blood and muscles.  Return to the top

Rat Blood, water (used to touch the target's neck near his/her artery). Return to the top

Spell Class.
Sphere I, Fire Enchantment (Spiritual Representation of the Fire School). Return to the top

In most cases, for casters of lower level, the caster is required to physically touch the target. The spell cannot be cast upon a group of beings as the caster cannot possibly physically touch more than one or two individuals.

However, a caster of high enough level and expertise is no longer required to touch the target, but simply to focus on raising the influence of the Fire ounía within the target's body and manipulate the heart and blood. In theory, there is no limit on how many targets a high level caster can influence. The range, however, would most likely be limited to no more than three to four peds.
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Casting Time.
Higher level casters can affect the target's Fire ounía within a few blinks while a low level caster can usually take a minute or more to cast the spell. Return to the top

For lower level casters, the spell's duration can last approximately 2-3 minutes, usually enough for support in a quick fight, escape or simply to give a boost of energy when needed before the heart and muscles return to their normal state of activity.

Higher level casters need only focus on the target's Fire ounía for as long as needed for the target to accomplish the task at hand. Once the caster dismisses or loses the focus, the organs and blood will return to their normal state.

Duration is also measured by how physically fit the target is. A target who is fit will able to better endure the effects of the spell whereas an unhealthy target will still be able to gain the benefits of the spell, the level of fatigue when the spell wears off will be greater.
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Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
If the heart is slowed and thereby slowing the flow of blood to the muscles, the target will lose the effects of the spell. A caster skilled in Fire magic can attempt to lower the target's heart rate by decreasing the influence of the spiritual side of Fire ounía in the heart and therefore successfully countering the spell's effects. Return to the top

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