Light is often needed; but there isn’t always anything to light. In such situations this spell will come in quite handy, as it can make things glow without radiating heat.

Spell Effect. Light is a very simple, but immensely useful spell. Essentially, the Light spell increases the intensity of Fire ounía at a specific point on an object or area, using the Lightness property while keeping the Heat and other such properties low, thus producing a safe, low-risk light source. Anything can be lit, but the thing has to be no farther than half a ped away from the caster at the lower level-skilled mages may keep the light up almost 6 peds away. Usually the mage makes his staff or his hand glow, giving a safe and bright light. The power of the light is controlled by the mage, and the light can be kept alive for a very long time before the mage grows tired. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage must touch the object; specifically the exact area that he wishes to cast the spell on. He may choose to place a coat of incandescent oil or ether-flake on the object or location to aid in the casting of the spell. The mage then touches the point and focuses on the Fire ounía in the target that are centered at that specific location. He must then concentrate on increasing the property of Light in those ounía, and increase the intensity of the Fire ounía overall if they are not already sufficient dominant, while focusing on keeping the other properties, such as Heat, low and passive. - At higher levels, touch is no longer necessary.

The caster must maintain focus for the Light effect to persist, but the amount of concentration is light and easily maintained. Return to the top

Magical Formula.
Not yet defined. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Fingertips, wand ends, staff tops, crystals, eyeballs (with proper preparation) - anything the caster wishes to make glow. Return to the top

Reagents. Incandescent oil, ether-flake, or any other material known for being bright or otherwise ‘shiny’.  Return to the top

Spell Class. Sphere I, Pyrification (Physical Representation of the Fire School).  Return to the top

Range. The spell requires touch initially, but more learned magi can easily perform the effects without requiring it. Return to the top

Casting Time. Within a few blinks Return to the top

Duration. As long as the caster focuses. Most magi of level III and higher can maintain the focus sub-consciously, making the effect mostly permanent. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Reflective objects or things that are at the end of a movable shaft are best, as they can provide either greater light or can be easily moved where required. Countermeasures include any spell that lowers either the dominance of Fire ounía generally or the Light property specifically.  Return to the top

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