This fire spell allows its caster to cause someone to become extremely passionate and lustful, to the point where reasoning and self-control is forgotten. The victim of these feelings is usually the first person of the opposite sex seen by the affected person, and thus, the caster is often making eye contact with the target at time of casting. Powerful mages can even cast this on multiple people, causing quite an uproar.

Warning: Abuse of this spell is highly frowned upon by the Academy of Ximax and may result in mild to severe consequences, depending on circumstances.

Spell Effect. Fire magic is the magic of passion. This spell embodies that, causing intense passion and lust in its target. Once cast, the target will feel a surge of the most base of desires regarding the opposite sex to the point of overriding common sense and self control. The victim will immediately direct those desires and that passion towards the first member of the opposite sex that the targetís eyes fall upon. This effect is achieved by increasing the influence of fire ounia in the mind, specifically the aspect of passion in said ounia. Should the caster use more energy than is necessary, then he/she may even cause the target to want to seek relations with more than just the opposite sex, or even with a different species. This is also more draining than the normal use of the spell however.

This spell is often used by young mages in an attempt to "persuade" a member of the opposite sex into relations. It is also used by some older mages to help soothe relations with a disgruntled wife. At later levels, multiple people can be subjected to this spell at once, although this usually causes a group of people to immediately start acting upon their newfound passions, thus producing a convenient distraction for the mage. Casting at a range is also used if the mage does not want to be noticed. Making an ill placed guard start attempting to have relations with a random passerby, or even another guard, comes in handy when one does not wish to have said guard's attention.

It should be documented that this spell causes lust, not love. One does not find his future spouse this way, but merely makes the target want to 'jump into bed' with the first person or breathing creature that he/she sees. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The caster concentrates on the target while holding a few petals of the fa'yale, or "burning man" flower, in their hand. The mage must focus on increasing the Element of Fireís influence on the targetís mind and body, thus evoking passion. But one must concentrate hard on evoking the lustful aspects of passion, for fear of evoking the passion of anger or the passion for a hobby, both of which are quite different than what is intended by this spell. It should be noted that if one wants the targetís affections to be placed on the caster, then eye contact should be established at the time of casting, for fear of the target gaining affections for someone else. Return to the top

Magical Formula. To be defined at a later date. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Any sentient being can be affected by this spell, although the caster should be wary as to who he actually wants to be affected. For it should be noted that having the unwanted attention of some members of the opposite sex can be quite detrimental to oneís comfort. At level six and beyond, mages may choose to start using this spell against small groups of people, or even larger ones for the most powerful of mages. Return to the top

Reagents. It is suggested that the mage be holding the petals of the fa'yale, the "burning man", flower in his or her hand while casting this spell, although it is possible to cast without it, and most of the stronger mages bypass this unless they are targeting a large group. Return to the top

Spell Class. Fire Enchantment (spiritual representation of Sphere I). Return to the top

Range. Varies with level of caster. Beginners must touch their target, be it only a small caressing of the arm. Young magi can cause this effect from only one or two peds away, while some of the higher-level mages can cast it several dozen peds, although they must be considerably closer should they decide to use it against more than one person. Return to the top

Casting Time. Merely a few blinks. Return to the top

Duration. The effect is instantaneous, and gradually starts to weaken as soon as the caster finishes the spell. The more concentration and energy poured into the spell during the initial casting, the longer it will take for the effect to dissipate. Thus, high-level mages can make this spell last for hours, while younger casters find that it only lasts a few minutes when they cast it. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. People strong of mind have often resisted the effects of this spell, much to the dismay of the caster. If one casts with the intention of relations and the target sees someone else first, then the caster's desired effect flies straight into another man's arm. Beginning mages often find that when attempting to cast this spell, they accidently augment anger, thus causing a greatly undesired effect.

There are no real means to strengthen the spell, although if the target is already angry or passionate at the time of casting, then it is much easier to achieve the wished for effect. Return to the top

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