For many centuries spellcasters of the necromantic arts have sought ways to lengthen the undead life they have granted their minions. Twn Araerwn, in recent times has accomplished such a feat via reinforcing the spiritual and physical fire ounia within her necromantic spells by use of this incantation. Therefore every time the necromantic energies keeping an undead being alive start wearing off, Dark Stability is the key spell to restore them as good as possible.

Spell Effect. This magic feat allows necromancers to extend the control and duration of their gloomy spells. When this spell is properly invocated, the mage draws the fire of life from the crll that resides in all living things. This is highly noticeable when cast by a high level mage. As plant life, small insects and even tiny rodents are robbed of this vital aspect of fire causing them to wither, sometimes even to die, in an area about the caster. Creatures as large as a human can feel a chill to their very being when this spell is cast near them, causing many to know that something had touched them but leaving them unsure as to what.

The air about the caster can be felt to have a slight chill to it as the mage invokes this spell, indicating the fiery aspect of life being taken from it. This is also a tell tale sign to those paying attention that something is amiss.

This fire of life is then spread out amongst the undead minions revitalizing the threads of life that hold them to their dismal existence. Their necromantic lives now extended as if the caster had once again cast the spell that created them in the first place. Wisps of fire reminiscent of flaming skulls, physical manifestations of the life aspect of fire, race towards the mage's undead allies. These wisps of fire fill the guardians with the necessary energy to continue their undead lives. Rampant speckles of fire can be seen raging within the skulls of the creatures at the time of casting.

Upon invoking this spell the mage becomes very disoriented often times leaving them stunned for a few blinks. The mage exercising such control of the element of fire being a vast strain upon even the most adept of casters, only an arch-mage would be immune to this harmful side effect.  Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage must sprinkle salt about himself/herself, representing the mage's attempt to bring forth the fire of life from about them. The undead minions the mage wishes to aid must be within a specific range of the caster as these will be the only ones affected via this spell. The entire casting procedure taking but only a couple blinks to accomplish. Return to the top

Magical Formula. To be defined at a later date. Return to the top

Focus/Target. Dark Stability will work on all undead within a specified distance of the caster. Yet the number of these minions can not exceed the number allotted within the Control and Duration section of this spell. Return to the top

Reagents. Salt, Representing the weakening of water in the area about the caster. Return to the top

Spell Class. Enflamement, Physical & Spiritual Representation of Sphere III. Return to the top

Range. The spell works in an area of effect and therefore cannot exceed the distance that the minions are away from the caster as stated under Duration & Control. Return to the top

Casting Time. It takes only the time to sprinkle the reagents and a few blinks for the mages to focus the fire gathered to their minions. Return to the top

Duration & Control. Dark Stability can be cast from level 7 onwards with the following effects:

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. High concentrations of water are very effective in combating this magic, as it dampens the fire ounia the mage is attempting to gather. Other fire mages with enough talent could attempt to steal away the mage's gathered fire ounia and thereby end the spell with a failure. Yet this would require a contest of skill to be waged between the two opposing mages.

The only way of enhancement for this spell is to have more than one necromancer performing the casting of this spell. Return to the top

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