Fiery Curtain is one of the more defensive fire spells. In its simplest form, the spell merely creates a thin column of fire. However, it is more commonly used to create a wall of flame to impede the movement of enemies, or sometimes, to surround a target with a ring of fire, either to protect or trap it. There have also been instances of the spell being used to seal off passageways and doorways, though such a usage of the spell is less often seen.

Spell Effect. This spell essentially gathers fire ounia at a point or line specified by the mage, and rearranges them in such a way that a fire is created at the location. If the ounia are gathered at a point, a column of fire forms, and if they are gathered along a line, a wall of flame will be the result instead. One could think of it as adding fire ounia to the cár'áll around the location, then casting a Sphere II spell which draws the fire ounia together to produce the flames. Of course, this is not an entirely accurate description of what happens, though it is close. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage first focuses on the location on the ground where the
fire is to be, which, as previously noted, is often in the form of a line. This is one of the more difficult parts of the procedure. Most beginners have trouble doing this, and instead end up focusing on a single point. A great deal of practice is needed, in most cases, before this problem can be overcome. The next step is to draw fire ounia from a source, usually the air around the targetd area, and gather them along the imaginary line. If reagents are being used, this is when the mage will throw them towards the targeted area. The mage then makes fire the dominant element along the line, causing a fire to form along it. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not yet defined.  Return to the top

Focus/Target. The focus of this spell may take the form of a line or a point on the ground. The line doesn't need to be straight, though it usually is, and a curved line increases the difficulty of the spell. When using this spell to surround a target with flames, the line should more or less form a circle. In a recent demonstration of this spell being used to seal off a passageway, the line of focus did not only extend across the ground, but up both walls, and across the ceiling as well, creating overlapping flames that completely blocked off the passage. Of course, this was very difficult, and could only have been done with a great deal of preparation. This also happened to demonstrate that the spell could be cast on walls and ceilings too, not merely the ground, though it is doubtful that there are any practical reasons for doing so. Casting this spell on water is in theory possible, but would most likely be exceedingly difficult.  Return to the top

Reagents. As with many fire spells, Fiery Curtain uses sulphur as its reagent. The sulphur is usually thrown at the general area where the fire is supposed to be during the casting of the spell.  Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Fire School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Physical reprensation of Sphere III. Return to the top

Range. Beginners are usually only able to cast this spell up to a few peds away with enough effectiveness for it to still be useful. Very powerful mages, however, have been known to cast this spell from over 50 peds away. The size of the barrier to be created also affects the range of the spell. A beginner can usually only manage up to 5 peds in length or slightly over a ped in diameter, and about 1 ped in height, with greater height being possible with a smaller length or diameter. Return to the top

Casting Time. The size of the barrier and the range at which the spell is cast both affect its casting time, but in general, it takes about 5-10 blinks, depending on the skill of the mage casting the spell. Return to the top

Duration. The spell usually lasts from about half an hour to a day, depending on how powerful the caster was. However, its duration can be extended indefinitely by having a mage renew it before it ends. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Due to its relatively lengthy casting time, it is possible to counter this spell by interrupting its casting, if one is fast enough. Should that fail, it is still possible to dispel the flames magically, or just extinguish it via conventional means. It is also possible to simply dash through the flames, though there is a great risk of injury in doing so.

A ready source of fire ounia, be it a fire or merely hot weather, makes for easier casting of the spell, and likewise, lack of fire ounia, such as being in cold regions, makes the spell harder to cast. Return to the top

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