A spell used in combat as well as for more practical purposes, Rays of Heat causes rays of intense fire to shoot from the fingertips of the caster. The fire is of normal temperature at the initial level, however it increases with every additional level. Most magi fire a single ray from each finger, though some choose to fire two large rays from each hand (usually from a closed fist or with fingers angled in a dart). Individual rays offer a larger area of effect while single, condensed rays provide more power at a single point. It should be noted, however, that the more force applied in a single ray, the harder it will be to move it at powerful speeds.

A Fire Mage

View picture in full size Picture description. An advanced fire mage casting the offensive spell "Rays of Heat". Image by Quellion.

It is important to note that Rays of Heat is one of the most basic offensive training spells of the Fire school that uses Sphere III. Therefore, the lessons it teaches are a major stepping stone for practicing battle-magi.

Spell Effect. Rays of Heat essentially pulls ounía within the surrounding environment into the caster’s own body. Using all nearby available resources, including the air, the ground, reagents, and so on, the mage uses Sphere III to sever the ties of Fire ounía within one cár’áll and then bind them to his own, and thus allowing him to build up a steady concentration of Fire ounía within a single point—in this instance, within his hands and fingers, which, at the climax of the spell, use techniques of earlier levels to spew out searing hot jets of flame.

These jets are useful for combat obviously but also in other activities. Unlike fireballs, the stream is much more controlled and limited into a consistent stream rather than one large blast, so there is no need for circulation and gradual build up, thus the impact force achieves a ‘melting’ effect rather than an ‘explosive’ one. As such, Rays of Heat are often used to melt down stone walls and similar objects, and can be of great help in this regard in the excavation of tunnels, mines, and sewers.
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Casting Procedure.
The mage first must concentrate on focusing as much excess Fire ounía around him into his body. Through application of Sphere III, the mage pulls the Fire ounía into his own body’s cár’áll. The links between Fire ounía in the air are severed and recreated within the caster’s cár’áll. Fire ounía within the earth at his feat are broken and, like the air, brought into his own cár’áll. Any reagents on his person should also be considered added to the spell. These ounía are brought into a single condensed state within the mage’s hands and fingers, using Sphere II to concentrate them at this location. The higher the level the mage and the stronger his will, the further his initial ‘build-up’ can reach (for instance, drawing the Fire ounía from a furnace or bonfire away from the fire, through the air, and finally into his body), as well as how much he can safely maintain within himself. Note that like many spells of the Fire school, attempting to contain too much during the build-up phase can result in catastrophic fizzles.

Once enough ounía have been built up, the mage releases them through a steady stream from his fingers, severing the bond between his cár’áll as he does so, while at the same time using Sphere II to push the ounía straight out ahead and using Sphere I to intensify and ignite the spewing ounía. Obviously, the mage is usually encouraged to hold his hands and fingers out and away from him, aiming directly at what he wishes to fire the jets at.

Note that for stand-still magi with good focus, especially those whom use it for mining and excavation, the process can continue for a good deal of time, as the mage pulls more and more Fire ounía from the surrounding area to continue to fuel his rays. It becomes harder to maintain, however, once the surrounding area has become exhausted of available Fire ounía.
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Magical Formula.
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The mage’s hands and finger tips are the initial focus of the spell, as this is the point where the ounía gather. Once he has gathered enough, he switches his focus to a point outside of his body, generally straight ahead in the direction his hands and fingers are pointing. Return to the top

Any with a high quantity of Fire ounía. Sulfur on the fingers as well is often applied. The spell is designed to use as much nearby Fire ounía in any source as possible, including any reagents the caster is carrying. Return to the top

Spell Class.
Sphere III, Pyrification (Physical Representation of the Fire School). Return to the top

Up to 3 peds for maximum force. Further is also capable but at diminished strength and area coverage, up to double or triple the recommended range, though even further is possible for trained magi (albeit at little practical force at such ranges). For the actual gathering of ounía from outside sources, the range can be as small as a single room for a first-time practitioner to even as large as a city block for an archmage. Return to the top

Casting Time.
The build up generally can take up to a half-minute, plus or minus some blinks. Once released and ignited, the ignition takes only a few blinks. Return to the top

Studies taken of this spell have placed the average duration around a quarter-minute after released. However, magi who maintain focus and continue to supply the spell can keep it maintained for several minutes, though the local environment plays a heavy factor in this. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
Surprisingly, the best counter to this spell are other Fire Magi. By stealing the available Fire ounía within an environment, one can limit the amount of material the Ray-caster has to work with.

For the other elements, Earth and Water are the most capable counterers. Earth Magi can increase the properties of stubbornness within the surrounding environment, which will make it harder for the Ray-caster to successfully extract the Fire ounía, while Water Magi may lower the temperature in the area, which will cause more Fire ounía to bleed off in order to have to warm the surrounding environment instead of just fuel the spell.
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