Spell Effect. The spell Rise of the Phoenix (named after the winged mythical creature) is also more commonly called "Line of Fire" or "Fire Alignment". It is able to strongly enhance the mage's capabilities to cast fire spells for a certain period of time. The spell is therefore a perfect preparation spell for every fire mage to achieve better casting results or cast succeeding spells more easily and efficiently, e.g. in the midst of a battle when time for proper preparation is rare. As the secondary name already implies, Rise of the Phoenix attracts fire ouns from around the caster, absorbs them and temporarily aligns the elemental fire within the mage's cár'áll in a way, which makes the initiation of further spells much easier. A "Line of Fire" is drawn through the fabric of the caster's aura that only needs to be ignited at a certain point later on, producing the desired effect. - While Rise of the Phoenix definitely has its advantages, allowing for example problematic spells to be cast seemingly with ease, it should also not be forgotten that this spell requires its energetic resources as well from the caster, so that the succeeding spells need to be chosen wisely. Return to the top

The Rise of the Phoenix Spell

View picture in full size Image Description. A fire spell inspired by the mythical beast of the phoenix. Picture from the game Mystical Empire, used with friendly permission, drawn by Quellion.

Casting Procedure. Rise of the Phoenix requires only brief meditation to collect the needed energies from the inside and the outside, which means to bring the fire oúns in line, and then distribute them in the caster. Once meditation is complete, the energetic transfer can be seen through the magnificent phoenix shape appearing at the mage's outlines. The fire within the caster especially aligns around the hands of the mage (which will appear as the phoenix's wings) and the head part - regions of the mage's body, which are most important when spellcasting. The mage himself/herself is lifted up from the ground for a few moments as if taking off into the air. A few blinks later the mage drops to the earth, fully loaded and ready, bearing the desire to release the accumulated fire energies into another spell. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not yet defined. Return to the top

Target. The spell can only be cast at the mage himself/herself. Casting at other persons or even other objects is not possible. Return to the top

Reagents. Rise of the Phoenix works best with ashes as reagents, as they stand for the self-regenerating power of the mythical beast.
Quote from Torek Ozzot's description of the phoenix: "The tale goes that when this wondrous bird comes to death, it turns to ash. However, the ash then ignites in golden fire, and the phoenix is revived in its own sacred fire. To this end, the phoenix is an immortal, never really dying, just reviving from its own remains." - In the same way a fire mage might see his self being mainly aligned to the element of fire and in case this primary alignment is hampered in a way, the fire alignment needs to be restored. Rise of the Phoenix supports the mage's efforts, returning lost energies and working towards what the mage sees as his natural orientation. Return to the top

Spell Class. Sphere III, Enflamement Class. Return to the top

Range. See Target. As the spell only affects the caster, it has no range. Return to the top

Casting Time. Rise of the Phoenix requires very little casting time and can be active within moments. All that is required is a few blinks for the mage to concentrate and he can refill his energies quickly and efficiently. Rise of the Phoenix is therefore a spell that is ideal for a mage to cast during a fight if he/she can retreat for a little while to prepare the next steps. Return to the top

Duration. Depending on the spell class at which this spell is cast on, the duration of the effects Rise of the Phoenix entails, varies. While the visible part of the spell, the actual re-alignment or regeneration, is briefly over, the positive influence the re-arranged fire ouns within the caster's cár'áll have at any succeeding spells lasts from 5 minutes (level 7) to nearly three quarters of an hour. Each spell level adds approximately 5 more minutes to the spell's effect. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. During the successful casting of the spell the mage is pretty much invulnerable to any kind of magical attacks, especially of the fire element - actually any kind of magical energies thrown at the mage during the casting process might add to the effectiveness of the spell, as the contained fire will be absorbed.

However, once the re-alignment is complete and the mage's affinity and orientation to the the element of fire has increased accordingly, the re-alignment can be hampered by casting a Neutralize Cár'áll spell, reducing the fire orientation of the caster to its normal level. By the way: The Neutralize Cár'áll spell can be cast by any elemental mages, due to the fact that each elemental school corrects the own element at this spell, to which the other elements align themselves. Return to the top

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